Meet the Harvest Market manager

What kind of person runs a harvest market? Do you need a background in farming? Do you need to live in the countryside? Find out what it takes to run the Harvest Launceston Community Farmers’ Market, could it be you one day?

About Curly

Often described as ‘Google for Wine’, Curly holds a BA (Hons) in Cultural Studies, was awarded the Vintners Bursary for her WSET Level 3 results, completed the WSET Diploma in 2010 and is currently pretending that the Master of Wine doesn’t exist.

After a five-day visit to Tasmania in 2008, Curly decided that this was the place for her. She flew back to the UK, completed some more vinous studies whilst running a wine merchant and contemplated her return to Australia. Like the plot to an afternoon movie, the journey to Tasmania was filled with unexpected twists and turns but almost 5 years and an Australian citizenship later; this is where Curly calls home.

Working with several of the Tamar Valley vineyards, Curly brought over 20 years retail and hospitality experience with her and is enthusiastically sharing her knowledge with the local industry. She is currently the only Wine & Spirit Education Trust tutor in Tasmania and is a passionate and vocal supporter of local Tasmanian produce; bakery, butchery, cheese, truffles, fruit and veg, bubbles, whisky and all.

The opportunity to become part of the Launceston Harvest Market team was perfect for Curly. As a focal point to Launceston’s food and drink community, the Harvest Market allows Curly to enthusiastically engage with both producers and consumers. She’s always happy to offer a recipe or a food match for your purchases on a Saturday morning.

After her first year as manager of the Harvest Market, Curly can be found fortnightly Thursday’s just after 3pm on ABC statewide in her slot “Cooking with Curly” and writing a monthly blog for the Northern Tasmanian “Food Diaries”

Kim Hewitt

Kim Hewitt

Curly and Jenny in a puddle

Curly and Jenny jumping in puddles

Curly at the Boots for Change launch

Curly at the Boots for Change launch