Old School Farm

Old School Farm is located in picturesque Preston in NW Tasmania. It is run by the residents of the Old Preston Primary School. Currently David, Kaori, Felicity, Will, Daniel and Pippin work the farm growing about 40 types of seasonal vegetables, Beef and Garlic. We are biological farmers meaning that we do not use chemicals or farming methods that are detrimental to soil health. Practically this means we do not use fungicides, insecticides and harsh fertilizers and herbicides or work the ground too much. This means sometimes we grow a cabbage with a insect hole in the leaf, but we can live with that!!

We host woofers at the Old School and if you’d like to woof please get in touch.

Looking forward to seeing you at the market, we will keep in touch with what is seasonal and what is fresh week by week.

0420 209 499

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