From apples to cider

The reds and golds of autumn signal harvest time for Tasmanian apples and pears, which for cider maker Mark Robertson of Lost Pippin means the beginning of months of endeavour transforming the fruit into complex cider and perry. In the apple and pear orchards across the State, pickers are hard at work relieving the trees… Read more

The sweet and the ugly

Spotting a gap in the market and a foray down the path with an ugly but delicious vegetable saw Matt and Ruth Young from Elphin Grove Farm take another chance on a sweeter vegetable, and today Harvest Launceston Community Farmers’ Market goers are treated during the late summer and autumn months to the freshest sweet… Read more

Tassie in a chocolate

Harvest Launceston Community Farmers’ Market producers a pinch of and Modo Mio Naked are showcasing a bit of Tassie fused with some chocolate indulgences this Easter. Both these producers manage to take the best Tasmania has to offer and translate it into chocolate and other delicacies that highlight ingredients as diverse as local whisky, quinoa,… Read more

A rare breed

It is a striking looking black pig, with ears loped forward and a white band that extends around the body and down the front legs. The Wessex Saddleback is just one of the rare heritage breeds that producers at Harvest Launceston Community Farmers’ Market such as Guy Robertson from Mount Gnomon Farm and Oliver and… Read more

The Harvest ecosystem

Ecosystems underpin our continued existence by ensuring the food, water, and raw materials for all our basic needs. Ecosystems are the animals, communities and landscapes that sustain and surround us. At Harvest Launceston Community Farmers’ Market, the producers of heirloom tomatoes, to rare breed pigs, the apiarists, fruit and vegetable growers are working to ensure… Read more

Realising the free range dream

From cows to chickens, from corporate factory dairy farming to free range chickens, the dream for Angela and Phillip Glover at their Mt Roland farm was simple, to live off the land producing clean food in a natural environment, with an emphasis on using local produce and generating local wealth. The Mt Roland Free Range story started… Read more

How many chooks in a crowd?

The images conjured up by the expression “free range eggs” is of a flock of chooks ranging freely across a paddock, scratching in the dirt, indulging in a dust bath and generally fossicking about with plenty of space to perch and enjoy the sunshine. The reality can be quite different and the adoption last year of… Read more

Mincing words

Words and their meanings are vital to ensure that consumers know and understand what food they and their families are eating. The term farmers’ market should be simple, a place where farmers bring their produce to sell. However, the phenomenon of greenwashing has made the simple task of going to market a lot more complicated.… Read more

Worldly influences

The diversity of produce at the Harvest Launceston Community Farmers’ Market each week is as diverse as the people who sell, shop and manage the weekly event. It is a wonderful place for locals and visitors to gather and share the stories that have brought them from faraway places to Launceston. This Saturday, University of… Read more

Buttered up!

From the packaging to its core, the slab of golden deliciousness that goes by the name of butter is simply not just butter. It is cultured butter with attitude that convinces those who are fortunate enough to sample it at the Harvest Launceston Community Farmers’ Market begging for more bread and butter please. Olivia Morrison… Read more