Sea salt, cider, beer and buffalo – March 25

Tasman Sea Salt makes a return to Harvest this week with their natural sea salt flakes from the East Coast of Tasmania. Along with their original salt flakes their salt is flavoured with locally foraged wakame seaweed and Tasmanian pepper berry. Brady’s Lookout Cider also return with their Premium and Wild Cuvee ciders, along with Little Rivers Brewing Co and their handcrafted… Read more

Lentils, lettuce and lilies – March 18

The Grain Family have a limited supply of their newest crop of organic French green lentils which have a delicious earthy flavour, best used in salads, soups and stews. They will also have their stoneground flours, whole grains and linseed alongside Elgaar Farm’s range of organic dairy products. Thirlstane Gardens return for their fortnightly visit with their lush salad greens and… Read more

Seasonal fruits, free-range pork and canine advice – March 11

Lees Orchard have been busily picking this week and will be back at Harvest with their new season apple and pear varieties, including Gala, Fuji, Golden Delicious, Beurre Bosc and Packham. Blackberries are well and truly in season from Sheffield Berry Gardens as well as strawberries and blueberries, and Three Peaks Organics will have their… Read more

Autumn apples, bulbs and UTAS – March 4

Autumn has arrived and Windara Orchard returns to Harvest this week with their new season apples and pears, and Tas Daffodils with a large range of flowering bulbs and potted succulents for the garden. a pinch of, Avocado Moon, Lily Farm, Seven Sheds Brewery, Tamar Artisan Smallgoods, Thirlstane Gardens and Village Olive Grove also return for their fortnightly visits, along with… Read more

Sweet corn, celeriac, brownies and Bollywood – February 25

After a mild start to summer, we welcome back Elphin Grove Farm this week with their new season sweet corn and celeriac. Modo Mio Naked returns with their decadent brownies along with Little Rivers Brewing Co. and their handcrafted range of Tasmanian beers. It will be the last market for Gryphonwood Vineyards so be sure to pop by Ben… Read more