Behind the scenes on some of the issues that our Tasmanian food producers face. Understanding what it takes to bring food to market and highlighting the creativity and adaptability of our farmers across the state.


A rare breed

It is a striking looking black pig, with ears loped forward and a white band that extends around the body and down the front legs. The Wessex Saddleback is just one of the rare heritage breeds that producers at Harvest Launceston Community Farmers’ Market such as Guy Robertson from Mount Gnomon Farm and Oliver and Fiona Stocker from Langdale Farm, are saving from extinction. Read more…


The Harvest ecosystem 

Ecosystems underpin our continued existence by ensuring the food, water, and raw materials for all our basic needs. Ecosystems are the animals, communities and landscapes that sustain and surround us. Read more…




Realising the free range dream

From cows to chickens, from corporate factory dairy farming to free range chickens, the dream for Angela and Phillip Glover at their Mt Roland farm was simple, to live off the land producing clean food in a natural environment, with an emphasis on using local produce and generating local wealth. Read more…



How many chooks in a crowd

The images conjured up by the expression “free range eggs” is of a flock of chooks ranging freely across a paddock, scratching in the dirt, indulging in a dust bath and generally fossicking about with plenty of space to perch and enjoy the sunshine. Read more…



Mincing words

Words and their meanings are vital to ensure that consumers know and understand what food they and their families are eating. The term farmers’ market should be simple, a place where farmers bring their produce to sell. However, the phenomenon of greenwashing has made the simple task of going to market a lot more complicated. Read more



 Growing Thirlstane Gardens

A hallmark of the Harvest Launceston Community Farmers’ Market is an abundance of the very best of seasonal produce, and Thirlstane Gardens is always one such wonderful smelling, looking and tasting beacon. Graeme Lodge is the passion behind the greens with 2017 being the year for moving into a glasshouse. Read more… 



Van Dieman Brewing’s sustainable beer

This article was written by Will Tatchell and published on 16.12.16 to the Van Dieman Brewing website.  TOWARDS SUSTAINABLE BEER We’re conscious of our surroundings. Read more





Preserving Heritage

As we approach the New Year, it is traditionally a time for reflection, and at Harvest Launceston Community Farmers’ Market it is time to take stock of past years and look to the future. Read more