Harvest Launceston Board July 2019


President – Karen van der Aa


Karen van der Aa

I have been a regular visitor to the market since its establishment, and a visit on a Saturday morning is a wonderful start to my weekend!  Our family enjoy the social atmosphere that is created at the market, and the endless array of delicious food.  The market is a wonderful reflection on the energy, enthusiasm and hard work of the entire Harvest team and I offer my assistance in continuing this into the future as a member of the Harvest Board.

I have extensive experience in financial management obtained through a 20 year career as a Chartered Accountant.

Past-President – Kim Seagram

Kim Seagram - Vice President Harvest Launceston
Kim Seagram

When did you first come to Harvest?

I’ve been there since the beginning, the inaugural 2011 committee

What made you get involved with Harvest?

Jenny Edis approached me with a business plan, a baby and Mary Mulvaney in tow, I could not resist!

What does Harvest mean to you?

One of the best things I think has happened for Launceston for awhile, a great showcase of what we do well, what we can be very proud of, how we can support our community and how we can build community and wellbeing for Northern Tasmania.

Your favourite Harvest Memory?

The very first market; the excitement, the energy, the passion and Tony’s thrill over the power of wearing hi vis and Anthony asking us not to use up all the ‘good’ Janine…it was all a bit of a blur so much happened but so much good with 3000 excited community members through the gate so excited to see what we had created, everyone sold out in no time!!

Treasurer – Peter Cameron

Peter Cameron

Peter has over 40 years’ technical and commercial experience in the Securities industry, the Oil & Gas industry and the Australian Government, with 28 of these years being as an independent consultant.

Peter is an independent analyst for oil & gas and biotechnology sectors, an author of Independent export reports, and peer group analysis and provides asset and company valuations to ASX listed companies, private companies and the broking industry.

Peter is a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (GAICD), and a Fellow and Chartered Professional of the Australian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, FAusIMM(CP).




Secretary – Claire Holloway

Claire Holloway
Claire Holloway
When Claire and her family arrived in Launceston after having lived remotely in the Northern Territory, the first thing they did was head to Harvest Launceston for their groceries. They attribute attending the market every Saturday to playing an important part in making them feel welcomed into the wonderful community spirit of Launceston.
Claire is a passionate wine educator, yoga teacher, gardener and whole foods cook who seeks to promote personal health and wellbeing in her children, friends and the wider community. She has a background in engineering, project management and small business ownership which has shaped her analytical yet practical approach to strategic governance.  



Community Board Member – Jess Downie


Jess Downie


Jess has a strong legal background and in mediation.  As an avid market goer, Jess really values the connection between growers and the community.  Jess says, “I am grateful for the opportunity to work with such a dedicated team to ensure Harvest continues to be such an institution”.

Stallholder Member – Caro Brown

Caro Brown

What made you get involved with Harvest?

All of my passions rolled into one – love of agriculture, agribusiness, agri-tourism, FANTASTIC food and beverage and volunteering in the community..PLUS the best…the people – the amazing stallholders, volunteers, committee…

What does Harvest mean to you?

A Buzz, I connect with Harvest on so many levels, it is hard to say apart from valuable

Your favourite Harvest Memory?

It is the gift the volunteers give. The smile when you catch up, the joy of meeting a new community member for the first time as you work together to bring Harvest to the community each week.

Community Board Member –  Claire Beale

Claire Beale

Claire is the Executive Director at Design Tasmania, where ‘design makes the difference’, she is also the immediate past National President and Chair of the Design Institute of Australia (DIA). As a designer, executive director and advocate, her practice extends beyond the making of stuff, to that of making stuff happen. She fiercely believes that when real collaboration occurs between designers and the users of their products, systems and services, this can truly change lives and improve the human condition. Her aim is to change the conversation around design in the wider community, and create opportunities to showcase the value that design brings to our economic and cultural capital. Food and design are natural partners – both provide the basic requirements of existence, and so are deeply fundamental to our daily lives. Through the process of creative storytelling, designers and growers use the same tools to communicate and connect with the end users of their products, to find ways to engage and share their passion for their work with others.

Claire’s work involves encouraging opportunities for community interaction in a creative environment, and food is key to helping this occur. Gathering people together through a shared sensory experience – pairing gastronomy with creativity – provides opportunity for social interactions that promote stronger communities.

Community Board Member – Pippa French 

Pippa French

Having recently moved back to Tasmania, Pippa got involved with Harvest to find her people: the foodies!  She cares a lot about the environment, community and her tastebuds and believes that buying fresh, local food directly from the producers every week is a great way to take care of all three.

Living in Melbourne for a number of years,  Pippa was very involved in the Victorian local food movement, running the non-profit organisation 3000 Acres and as one of Australia’s first Urban Agriculture Facilitators at the City of Yarra. She is now undertaking a PhD at the University of Tasmania which is investigating the use of cover crops for nitrogen fixation in vineyards.


Community Board Member – Tricia Cerjanec

Tricia has over 20 years legal and corporate governance experience in the Banking and FMCG industries, having spent the last 12 years in-house as a company lawyer. 

In 2017, her family moved to Tasmania from Sydney seeking a more relaxed balanced lifestyle. 

With her husband, she is currently developing land at George Town to leverage off and complement plans by the local council to build mountain bike trails in the area, similar to that at  Derby and St Helens.

Tricia is passionate about everything Tasmanian and believe it is THE best place to live and work in Australia (if not the world), offering world-class produce, wine and tourist destinations. She is excited to join the Board and be involved in the continuity and growth of the Harvest Launceston Community Farmers’ Market.



Stallholder Board Member – Matthew Young

Matt Young
Matt Young

Matt is a Vegetable and livestock producer from East Sassafras. We grow a range of vegetable and attend Harvest with our Sweetcorn, Babycorn, Celeriac and Popcorn when in season.

After being involved in the online market as a producer and seeing the way the organisation adapted to that challenge, Matt was keen to be involved at a higher level so nominated for the board and was subsequently elected.  Matt is looking forward to working with the existing members