At Harvest | 1 April 2023

It’s April Fool’s (if you’re into that), Autumn progress, plus spuds, pork, lilies, condiments, truffle things, and hot cross buns!

We’re not into practical jokes, they almost invariably tend toward the mean-spirited. April Fool’s jokes like this one from the BBC describing a bumper spaghetti harvest on the other hand are hilarious. We’re afraid we’re not clever enough to deploy such a high-minded scheme, so it’s all straight up and down market chat this week. We can hear the collective ‘thank goodness’ from the readership already.

Hot Cross Buns

Let’s begin with another pitch to the readers. A grassroots campaign that aims for Hot Cross Buns to become a year-round bakery item. At Harvest, we’re supposed to maintain an a-political disposition, but we assert that someone running for public office would stand a good chance of being elected on that platform alone. We’re not advocating for baked-goods-related civil unrest… but we’re not not advocating for that either. Whatever, our three outstanding bakers Sweet Wheat, Sandy’s, and Delicious Little Things are all on the HCB train. This really puts the yeast in our dough at Harvest. Which means we’re excited.

The Mid-autumn Report

We’re officially one-third of the way through autumn, and about to lose those long lingering twilight hours. Sad, yes but not the end of the world. Autumn is actually our favourite season in the office at Harvest. Wouldn’t you know it too, autumn’s bounty is in full swing.

After a little nudge of time off, Mantje Produce are back with their ute full of brown gold nuggets (aka potatoes). We were really hoping for Wild Tas Fishing Co-op to be back at the same time, so we could put the fish next to the chips-to-be. Alas, not this week. There will be more chances though.

Ditto Mt. Gnomon, who will be back on site after a couple of weeks on the bench. Well, we say on the bench, but there is always so much going on in that particular patch of soil in the northwest that we’re sure that rest wasn’t really on the cards. Word on the street is that the ‘downtime’ has been used productively though. Think new marquees, fixed fridges and proprietor input. Here’s hoping.

This Week at Harvest

This is also true of one A Pinch of Tasmania, who was last week for reasons that escape us. This was exceedingly rare for Robyn, and it stuck out like a sore thumb. She’s back this week at Harvest though, which pleases us. We’re sure it will please you also.

Louisa and Truffles of Tasmania are making their first of two slated appearances in April, and we’ll no doubt be marvelling at her liberal use of child labour. Perhaps only Christie and Mick at Hazelbrae rival Louisa’s prowess at roping the kidlets into the family business. While we obviously condemn actual child labour, the kind you see at Harvest is the cute heartwarming kind so it’s all gravy baby.

To finish in brief, it’s a Lily Farm week, a Mumma Shazz week, a microgreens week, a cream pies week and your friend and ours, Tim from West Tamar Funghi are bringing some mushroom soup! We hope. Like, really hope.

OK. That’s that for another week at the Harvest desk, time to get out into the carpark and make it happen.

Join us on Saturday!

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