At Harvest | 1 October, 2022

The prodigal van returns, pesticide-free veg, the new green deal and Nostradamus

October already? So soon. Time out please. With the clocks about to spring forward making our days substantially longer, we’re welcoming the chance to catch up on all those little bits that slip by. Mowing your lawn for example. Or planting your seedlings. Perhaps preserving those lemons before the mould sets in, or just a good old-fashioned spring clean. Who doesn’t love a big tip run every now and then? Whatever your choice of activity, now is the time to get stuck into it. Like winter, Christmas is coming. Once you hear those first strains of Mariah Carey around the town it’s all over sunshine. Your goose is cooked and you’re out of time. Seize the weekends! After your breakfast and shopping at Harvest of course.

The Prodigal van and new green deal

Everything Christmas and invasive thoughts of long-overdue tip runs are just some of the many drawbacks to adulthood. Sometimes it’s tough to conjure up any real positives to being a sovereign adult individual in 2022. We have one for you though: the inalienable right to choose to eat gelato for breakfast. And what joy, because once again you can! After the deserved winter off, Scoopy of Della Valle Gelato fame is back baby! We’re super excited to hear his whimsical toot of arrival each Saturday, for the indecision we’ll feel of flavour choices, and to see Deb and Dale back at Harvest. Gelato joy!

Also, if there is anything that screams peak spring, it’s the flavour punch and visual appeal of micro greens, right? Yes. So join us in a big welcome and congratulations to Greens For You! The latest appearance of seasonal goodness at Harvest. We’re super excited to see micro greens represented with such strength. Alongside Eden Green Micro Farm your pretty little flavour bombs are now in full supply. Ready and waiting to effortlessly tart up your dinner plates. Hell, between micro greens and golden oyster mushrooms, you’ll never have to think about garnishes again! More joy!

Healthy Wealthy and Wise

We write regularly and loudly about what you can find and what you will experience at Harvest. In the interest of mixing it up a little, let’s talk briefly about what you won’t find. Many things spring to mind for us in this thought experiment. Candles. Bad attitudes. Bric-a-brac (the antithesis of everything Harvest Market). Poignantly though, we had to mention pesticides in this list too. After the furore that we’re sure you’ve been across (it has been hard to miss), we simply must reinforce that you won’t find pesticide residue at Harvest. In fact, you won’t find pesticides at all.

We probably don’t have to say it, but we’re saying it anyway. The produce at Harvest is grown naturally, washed with water, and sold to you directly. That is it. It is so simple that we wonder why everyone isn’t doing it. We understand industrial food systems and supply chains are necessary for our society, so what we put into those systems should be closely observed. You can however rely on Harvest to keep you happy and healthy and pesticide free.

Nostradamus we aint

It is a brave soul that tries to predict anything these days. Nevertheless, we thought we’d try out hand at projecting what October holds for Harvest. Alas, we can barely predict 30 minutes into the future at this point, let alone weeks. For funsies though, let’s have a stab at predicting what October 2023 will look like at Harvest. The discussion on this in the office ranged from the opening of a Harvest restaurant to a Harvest market in a closed-off St. John Street to the complete destruction of the human race. A broad range of possibilities, granted. None out of the question though. In any case, we simply hope that our community remains as strong and vibrant as ever, and that Harvest continues to be the focal point of all that is good and great about Launceston, and food and beverage in Tasmania. That’s what we’re working for anyhow.

Thanks for reading, we’ll be back again next week.

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