At Harvest | 10 December 2022

Too Good to Waste, FermenTAS x Beerfest at Harvest, a huge accolade, Christmas party, Vix Kitch, more berries, ham and lamb, regulars back… the end is nigh…

The end of the year that is, we’re not straying into ‘prepper’ territory here. That said, we are prepping for the end of the year so… In any case, consider this the ‘what’s on’ edition of December’s no-nonsense ‘at Harvest newsletters. Ok, to the barré, first position.


If you’ve not spent any time checking out Eat Well Tasmania’s Too Good to Waste series, now you have the perfect chance correct that. The Northern premiere is happening in Launceston this week. Featuring canapes from local producers and a panel discussion with Kirsten Bacon, Jeff McKlintoc, and our very own Lauren and Mike from Felds Farm. Plus, of course, the screening of the film.

Libby and her amazing production team rallied a group of progressive and like-minded chefs, entrepreneurs and educators to hammer home their message. That Tassie’s produce is far, far too good to waste. We’re all aware that food waste is a significant contributor to carbon emissions and household expenditure. But did you know that more than 30% of the food we buy never makes it to the table?! Crazy huh? What this team produced is truly excellent, and we encourage everyone to check it out. A beautiful film, about a critical subject, that raises awareness and promotes healthy living and waste minimisation. Win-win-win. Truly a credit to all involved and we duly congratulate EWT on its launch and success!

Celebrity Hop Workshop

Presented by FermenTAS and Beerfest Launceston and held in the Harvest Market, this hop blending and brewing workshop and discussion promises to introduce you to the amazing world of hops and beer flavouring and fermentation. Plus, ease you into the vast array of tastes, aromas and colours for enjoyment at Beerfest Launceston later in the afternoon. Or immediately thereafter the workshop if you like! Hey, you do you it’s NYE baby! It’s going to be a fantastic vibe at the market on NYE and this is a brilliant way to lead yourself to something rewarding on NYE. join us!

Christmas Party Time

Those in the know have been coming out in force for our upcoming Christmas party. We say Christmas party because it is that time of year and there will no doubt be some horrific/excellent sweaters and a modest tree. That said, it is more of an end-of-our-10th-year year celebration of our amazing Harvest Heroes, members and community. We do it a lot, but here we would like to loudly and publicly acknowledge the contributions of anyone and everyone who has been part of Harvest during 2022. Your contributions have not gone unnoticed and we salute you. It isn’t always easy, but you make it always a pleasure.

The Accolade

The Ops team had the pleasure on Monday evening of this week to attend Growing Good, the annual fundraising and awards dinner for SPROUT Tasmania. Sometimes such end-of-year events can be a bit of a tiresome and naff affair. Not so in the slightest with Growing Good. A meaningful and authentic affair with amazing local food and chefs, certainly. But the big takeaway for the night was to be the Small Producer of the Year award. Join us in a huge congratulations to Dan and Kim Croker of Fork it Farm who took home the prize! The award is publicly nominated and voted upon, thus is truly an expression of a producer’s standing in the community. We’re so proud to count them as members and can’t wait to celebrate their next appearance at Harvest. Congratulations again Dan and Kim!

Actually At Harvest

Vix Kitch is making an appearance! What joy! Vicky and Mal always have the goods, bringing you perfect gift items and table treats. Mr Guy (Robertson, not Smilie) and Mt. Gnomon Farm are back. Guy expressly instructed that it be known that it isn’t too late to order your Christmas Ham! Thank goodness. Also that he has lamb. We’ve been sharing the ham love over the last few years at Harvest, and the choices are all amazing and difficult to separate. Do we smell a ham-off coming on? Yes, yes we do. Westerway Berry Farm are joining the seasonal ranks this week, rounding out the berry options for your summer table. Huge kudos to them for making the trip north from in-deep southern Tasmania.

Our egg producers have agreed that demand necessitates double egg fixtures for the next few weeks. Cherries are nigh. Some regular stallholders that have fallen victim to illness or circumstance are back. Namely Meat Bread Cheese, Wanderer Mead and Tassie Hemp. Plus of course, no shortage of amazing produce, products, beer, cider and spirits too. The time is ripe for gastronomic gift purchases, and your Christmas menu planning should be coming along. There is no shortage of inspiration on both at Harvest.

Thanks for reading, see you there 🥰

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