At Harvest | 10 June 2023

At Harvest – The Events Edition: Cross Pollinate, AgriCULTURED, miso workshops, Junction Arts, and the obligatory market report.

It seems that now winter has set in, everyone has had time to get to their desks. From their desks, they dream up ideas and send emails. At Harvest, we welcome such ideas and emails, and we love sharing our space to turn said ideas and emails into action. Thus, herein find a whole winter’s worth of stimulating activities! Plus the obligatory market report, as promised. With that, let’s begin.

Reportage de marché

It’s truffle season! We’re led to believe that Truffles of Tasmania will have the real deal available for the next couple of months. Certainly, their early offerings are indicative of a fruitful harvest this year. Tasmanian black truffles are a delicacy of global significance, considered the finest examples of the enigmatic fungi outside of the famous European regions of Alba and Alpes-de-Haute-Provence. We think pasta is probably the best expression of truffles, and we stand by this recipe from last season.

The wonderful Oldway Farm is on deck as always, with their premier beef and pork offerings. Donna and Tas Daffodils are around still, and this week have some special beauties to delight in when spring rolls around. Narcissus Bolbocodium, (‘Golden Bells’ or the ‘petticoat daffodil’) for the botanists among you, struck us as a particularly fine specimen.

And our ever-present cohort of weekly stallholders continue to hold down the fort during winter. We’re talking Elgaar Farm, we’re talking Taste of Tam O’Shanter41 Degrees South and Three Peaks Organics. Condiments, anyone? Not to mention the likes of Seven Sheds and Honey Tasmania. Can’t have honey-glazed (Oldway Farm) pork and beers without them. You’ll be wanting a side of bok choy and ginger with that, so Yang’s and Steve’s will be on your shopping list. Perhaps you want chips instead. Fair Enough. Get along and see Nic and Bec and Mantje Produce. Sweets? Yep. It’s Delicious Little Things, Sweet Wheat and Cake of Peace. Need a ready-made easy dinner? Takin’ it Home is your jam. It’s a Lily Farm week, also Georgetown Seafoods and Meat Bread Cheese are back. Happy days!

The Events Edition

First up, it’s Cross-Pollinate, the annual conference of Sprout Tasmania. An event for small-scale farmers and supporters of a resilient, local food system to gather, share ideas, feel connected, and learn. Small-scale farmers are rightly proud of their care for the environment, animal welfare, direct marketing and diversified approaches. But their financial viability can be overlooked. “We do it for the love” is all well and good, but let’s be honest, they’re still a business and businesses need to make money. So, Cross-Pollinate aims to generate discussion. This year, to explicitly examine productivity, scale, and collaboration, you’ll be hearing from farmers that believe it is – and have made it possible – to be financially viable.

This being a newsletter, it is always handy when there is plenty of news to report on. Such is the case this week, with the official launch of agriCULTURED festival. agriCULTURED celebrates the contributions of the agrifood sector and how Tasmanian innovation, collaboration and quality can drive sustainable growth. We share these values at Harvest, and to celebrate that we are, alongside FermenTAS, hosting Ferment Stations once again! This time with Kimchi! You’ll make your own kimchi in the market, receive wisdom from experts in fermentation and walk away with your very own jar of goodness to complement your meals all winter long. We’ll furnish you with all the details as and when they come to hand.


FermenTAS are just all over the place lately. Not only are they all up in the AgriCULTURED programming, but they’re also launching a series of cookery workshops focused on fermented foods. First up, it’s Chris de Bono and Meru Miso, which is a fantastic and truly unique Tasmanian product. Again, we’ll furnish you with ticket links, details and all that jazz just as soon as we have them.

Plus, we’ve just locked in the irrepressible Junction Arts Festival for a couple of gigs on the SOMA Stage in July. Super stoked about this, and thanks to the team for always bringing their party to our end of town!

Join us on Saturday!

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