At Harvest | 14 January 2023

Special guest author, monumental market days at Harvest, long-awaited returns, strong forecasts and a new collaboration

At Harvest, we love new things. Take, for example, the first market of the new year, which was an absolute ripper. 5000 plus patrons packed out our car park last week and sold out a lot of our stallholders. What a result, and a monumental turnout. We’re so stoked to see the busy summer season in full swing now. Or the new collaboration we’re working on with the incredible Madi and Amr, who have just taken over the World Street Eats market. Or try this on for size, a new AI text generator.

We spent an hour or so inputting text and refining parameters on a new online open-source AI program to see if it could write the weekly newsletter. The results are below. To anyone familiar with the market, it’s pretty clearly drivel. But to anyone who may be wholly new to Harvest, it might pass muster. Albeit slightly off in tone and information here and there. And written by a 5-year-old. And not a particularly bright one.

That said, the generator was correct about some of our highly-missed stallholders returning to the fold at Harvest. Smallgrain, Sweet Wheat, Coronea Grove and Wanderlust are all back after their brief hiatus from Harvest. News that we’re certain will please many of our patrons out there. It is also correct about the weather forecast and added this without being prompted. Clever, although politics and weather chat are a bit taboo in this newsletter. What is really clever, is that it adopted our first-person plural tone, without specific prompting.

Apps one can use for analysing writing like Hemmingway and Grammarly hate what it wrote. It is also messing with our website’s own SEO and other analytical tools. We played with it this week because, well, there is only so much we can bang on about berries and summer. Also because it’s fun and freaky, and pretty amazing on levels we’re certain we don’t understand. We’re simple folk, us Harvest Ops Team.

Anyway, enjoy as ChatGPT takes you through this week at Harvest.

We promise we won’t do this again.

Special guest author: ChatGPT

We are thrilled to welcome back our patrons to Harvest Market Launceston for another exciting week. We would like to extend a big thank you to the more than 5000 patrons who attended last week. Your support and dedication to our market are greatly appreciated.

Good news for this week, the weather forecast is looking great, so you can come and enjoy the market while the sun is shining. In addition to the delicious fresh produce and foods that are available at Harvest Market Launceston, patrons can also look forward to some of their favourite vendors returning to the market this week.

Small Grain, is a family-owned Japanese takeaway shop that uses local ingredients to make amazing rice bowls and karaage chicken. They are known for using fresh, locally sourced ingredients to create authentic and delicious Japanese cuisine such as beef rolls, karaage chicken, or okonomiyaki, which they are famous for.

Wanderlust, a vegan and coeliac-friendly food van, will also be returning to the market. They are fitting out an exciting new food van, which is expected to debut next month. They will continue to serve a delicious variety of vegan and gluten-free food options that are sure to please even the most discerning palate. From breakfast pies, falafel wraps and Buddha bowls they will have something for everyone.

Sweet Wheat, a bakery that’s known for their delicious pastries, breads, and especially their famous Portuguese tarts, will also be back. They use traditional baking methods and a sourdough starter to ferment their dough, resulting in bread that’s delicious and easy to digest. They also make a variety of pastries, including croissants, scones, and Danishes.

Lastly, Coronea Grove, an award-winning olive oil producer in Tasmania, will also be returning to the market. They offer high-quality and delicious olive oil that is produced using traditional methods of hand-picking and cold-pressing their olives. Their olive oil has won numerous awards and is perfect for cooking, marinading, or finishing dishes.

So, whether you’re looking for fresh produce, delicious meals, or specialty products, Harvest Market Launceston has something for everyone, including the return of beloved vendors like Small Grain, Wanderlust, Sweet Wheat, and Coronea Grove. We can’t wait to see you at the market! With the great weather forecast, it’s going to be a perfect day to enjoy the market.

See, not altogether terrible, right? We won’t be rushing back or signing over the blogging to AI anytime soon. But curiosity demanded we had a little squizz at it, to see what this new-fangled tech bizzo is all about. Another thing it can’t do is idioms, or colloquialisms generally it would seem. Both of which, our keen readers will be aware, we rely upon heavily for this newsletter.

Thanks for reading, have a great weekend and see you at Harvest 🙂

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