At Harvest | 17 September, 2022

Junction Arts Festival and attendant hangovers, gold gold gold for Harvest and zucchini transformations

Well, not actually for Harvest. More like our Stallholders. Join us in congratulating West Bee Honey, Hazelbrae Hazelnuts, Bruny Island Oysters, Sandy’s Sourdough, Taste of Tam O’Shanter, The Village Olive Grove, KimchiMe, and Tamar Valley Truffles (what a list!) on their various gold and silver medals at the Royal Tasmanian Fine Food Awards. Whoop!

You’re receiving this at 2.30 pm on a Friday. Surely though, you’re under no illusions that we write the newsletter on a Friday afternoon. Actually, you’d be a bit wrong about that. For the most part, we write this as late as possible to allow for late inclusions or editing. Not this week though. With so much going on at Harvest and with Junction Arts Festival, we’re getting our ducks (Strellyfield, of course) in a row early to make sure everything goes smoothly.

This is why dear reader, your noble protagonists (that’s us) may be feeling just a nudge dusty at time of writing. We’re even getting our attendant hangovers out of the way early. Having been cordially invited to the opening events, it would have been rude not to attend, and be seen to be enjoying ourselves. At least, that’s how we are justifying our excesses. So if you think we sometimes go a little off track with this newsletter, wait until you’ve seen us knock it out with the accompanying vagueness and creeping apathy of a mild hangover.

Moving on though. Do we need to remind you about the Harvest x Junction Arts Recovery brunch? We’re going to anyway. Because Junction Arts Recovery is selling fast! This Sunday event features Harvest produce, music, comedy and our resident chef. We’re billing it as Launceston’s premier (read: only) comedy slash music slash food event of the year. Let’s be serious, everywhere great and good for breakfast on Sunday the 18th is going to be unpleasantly busy. So, lock in Sunday 18th September. 10.45 am. Check out the link for all the info.

OK Cool, but what about the market

Oh yes, we probably should talk about that too. It really is something to behold each week. And it is getting full. What do we mean by that? Well, it means that, with our site, layout and stallholder roster, we literally have no space for new members. This is a shame because we receive expressions of interest very regularly. We strongly dislike having to turn passionate people making great things away from our market. Thankfully though we never have to turn away you, dear reader. Even on the less-than-ideal days, we have such strong patronage that we’re incredibly thankful for.

That strength of patronage is a product of the strength of the offerings from our stallholders. People don’t wander around a carpark when it’s 2 degrees out for just ordinary food. Nor should they. Every week Tasmania’s finest is showcased at Harvest. This week is no exception, with Derwent Distillery and Strellyfied Ducks making appearances. Black Barn Hill are bringing their incredible, ethically raised lamb. Drizzle those chops with a little hempseed oil and add a sprinkle of smoked salt. A little pickle on the side and some grilled ‘shrooms. That’s some gourmet stuff right there. We even have things for you to plant your food in! Frank’s Char has returned with their rich biochar just in time for the spring planting season. Peter Cundall (legend, may he rest in peace) would have been proud to plant his beans in it, we’re sure.

You’re making me hungry

Actually, while we’re on this, how about trying this little number we concocted on the side of those lamb chops we mentioned? Cut 4 medium-sized zucchinis lengthways, and then on the diagonal into 2.5cm chunks. Sautee them in a little butter and garlic. While that is doing, blitz some bread into breadcrumbs and fry it in some olive oil until they’re crispy and golden. Add some lemon zest and chilli flakes to the pan and remove from the heat. Heat 175mls of double cream with two bay leaves in a heavy-based saucepan and drop in about 150 grams of raclette (or gruyere, or compte) broken into chunks. Let the cheese melt into the cream. Put your zucchinis in a serving dish, generously douse in the sauce and sprinkle over your crumbs. That’s dinner sorted then.

Great, now we’re starving. Time to banish that hangover with a kebab. Thanks for reading.

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