At Harvest | 18 February, 2023

A newsletter-at-large, ABLED Kitchen, MONA FOMA SOMA, Soggy Bottoms, long goodbyes and a solo debut.

When it rains, it pours. Not literally this week, the forecast is good, and that’s not what we’re talking about. Fair warning here, this newsletter will contain very little to do with the actual stallholders at Harvest this week. For one reason or another, Saturday, February 18th was THE date for Harvest’s community engagement program participants. Which we love! Also, this week’s edition is coming to you live and direct from the picnic table overlooking Waub’s beach in sunny Bicheno. We’re dubbing it the newsletter-at-large. May there be more like it and hey, you gotta take leave sometime right? Sorry, not sorry.

ABLED Kitchen

Launceston’s premiere workplace training program for people living with disabilities is back at Harvest. FermenTAS, in conjunction with St. Gile’s and Sandy’s Sourdough, have created the ABLED kitchen program to provide a pathway to employment through hands-on training, in the bakery, for people living with a disability. It is difficult for us to conceive of an initiative more worthy of support. Last time ABLED Kitchen was with us at Harvest they sold out in 2 hours! Which is no surprise really, the pizza bases were delicious.

This time around they’re going bigger and better, with 20 Tasmanians participating in the program. You can support them by picking up a pizza base, and at the same time support a bunch of other local food producers by buying your toppings at Harvest. What a big win-win-win for everyone that is. We’re stoked to be supporting ABLED Kitchen and congratulate the participants, and everyone involved in bringing this amazing program together.


Given that MONA donated the SOMA stage to us, they get to bring the FOMA. This year is no exception, and this week it lands. Expect a full lineup of artists curated by MONA FOMA on the SOMA stage. We’re being treated to the likes of Meyers + McNamara, Freedom Fly (Siwei Wong), and Luke Plumb. Nope, we’ve never heard of any of them either, but that is kinda the whole point with MOFO. Nonetheless, we’re really keen to see what goodness this year’s festival brings to the fore for you to enjoy. More than that, all the gigs that MONA FOMA is putting on in Launceston are free, and actively support emerging artists and regional arts generally. Yet another uniquely Tasmanian event that couldn’t be more worthy and valuable for Harvest to support. Rock on!

Soggy Bottoms

The 5th Rotary Soggy Bottom Regatta is imminent! Happening on Sunday 5th March 2023 at Waverley Lake Park, the Soggy Bottom Regatta features great people sinking cardboard boats. How fun! Schadenfreude anyone? This isn’t their first rodeo at Harvest and we always love seeing them come around in February each year. George and the Soggy Bottom team are floating around the market to encourage community participation, and you can even prepare for the event! You’ll be able to register and build your boat using strictly only cardboard and duct tape. In doing so, you’ll be supporting their fundraising efforts, which this year focus on JCP Empowering Youth and Diabetes Tasmania Camps for Kids.  

Long goodbyes, sweet (corn) hello’s and the fake debut

OK, lets at least squeeze in a little legitimate market info this week. It is finally time to say the long goodbye to the King Rock Cherries and Westerway Berry Farm for the season. Fear not, Sheffield Beryy Gardens’ incredible produce is still available for a time to come, but the peak of the season is behind most growers. As one door closes, so another opens though. You can look forward to the delights of celeriac and sweetcorn from Elphin Grove Farm very soon, as well as the return of eating apples from Brady’s, ready-to-eat goods from La Cantara and (fingers crossed) some line-caught, export-grade sashimi products during the autumnal period. We don’t want to get your hopes up, but we have also spoken to Bruny Island Oysters recently. Although still in spawn, we’re hoping that the waters cool a little and we see them during autumn too.

As for the debut we spoke of, well. it is our newest staff member (but long-standing volunteer) Meghan’s first market managing solo this week! So we’re sending our congratulations, wishing her all the best, and asking for all of your support for her this week. We have nothing but confidence that she’ll deliver like a pro. We’re certain we’ll hear about it loudly and frequently if she doesn’t 😉

Thanks for reading, have a great weekend! With so much on, how could you not?

Join us on Saturday!

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