At Harvest | 18 June, 2022

Mayoral ribbon cutting, covid comfort eating, new friends and ending plastic waste

We have been talking about the new Launceston place branding for a little while now. Not only because it is amazing and worth talking about, but also because Harvest is hosting the official launch on June 25th. We knew this would be a big deal, but we have come to learn that it has become such a big deal as to warrant a ribbon-cutting. His Worship the Mayor Albert Van Zetten will be cutting said ribbon, with what we sincerely hope will be comically oversized scissors. This ties a beautiful ribbon around nearly 4 years of hard graft by Claire and Angie. Not the same ribbon that gets cut by his worship though. Ironic analogies aside, this is a seriously big deal for the City of Launceston and Harvest, and we are so very excited to see it come to life.

Feed a fever, starve a cold. So they say. Having had such a good run for two-and-a-half years of a pandemic, your humble newsletter author has finally contracted covid. And the results have not been pretty. Let thy food be thy medicine is a phrase I have used a lot. because mostly it is true. It is also true though that modern pharmaceuticals are very effective. This is why I’ve consumed enough of them to stock a neighbourhood chemist this week. The drugs though, allow for the practice of the whole food-medicine thing. We all know that in times of illness we reach for the world of self-care.

Fat, carbs, sugar, salt, smoked foods, chilli, ginger. Intense flavours so that you might actually taste them. The types of foods that are once-a-week things if you want to avoid heart disease. These are the go-to. So it came to be that I, using the power of drugs, made the most outrageous cheesy pasta bake of my life. I made a bechamel, jacked it with wine, spiked it with chilli, and loaded it with cheese. Cooked the spelt pasta and slathered the latter with the former. Tossed in some crispy bacon bits because obviously. Folded in some hot-smoked salmon because why not. Into the baking tray, covered with more cheese and breadcrumbs and under the grill. I think it helped save my life. Let thy food be thy medicine, sure. But I’ll take the drugs as well.

New friends at Harvest

Onto something a fair bit more sophisticated and nutritious though. This week we’re absolutely frothing to introduce a new stallholder to the Harvest community. Damien and Marjana aka Hectic Cat HQ will be landing with the vigour of mariachi. Bringing you what will be a seasonally changing ready-to-eat offering featuring wholly Tasmanian and Harvest produce. Kicking off in the winter is tough, but Hectic Cat’s opening salvo is on the money. Birria Tacos (we had to look it up too) are crispy tacos served with a hot dipping broth. Featuring punchy Mexican flavours, the warming properties of a hot broth, and the crispy cheesiness of a taco, they sound incredible. Certainly strong motivation to leave the comfort of the doona on a winter’s morning. Do yourselves a por favour and come check out what Hectic Cat HQ has to offer.

Finally this week, our friends of Harvest program is featuring Catch it in the Catchment. CITC is a project of Tamar Natural Resource Management, who alongside Plastic-free Launceston are delivering numerous amazing projects aimed at waste collection and reduction, and environmental management. There is never a bad time to promote the reduction of plastic waste. With Plastic-Free July nearly upon us, the time is ripe for us to be raising awareness. Trish Haeusler and her peers are doing amazing work at just that. Not only have they bought together three LGA’s together for CITC they are co-ordinating Plastic-Free July and planting 5000 trees in the process! Important work for sure, join us in supporting it.

That’s enough from us for now, someone needs a lie-down. See you next week, fighting fit.

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