At Harvest | 21 January 2023

A long chapter closes and a new one begins for Wanderlust. Plus, a packed market, more 2023 debuts, last cherries, first World Street Eats, and other things at Harvest.

Revel in the wonder that is a brooding Mt. Roland, a younger Sally and Corey, and the Wanderlust Food Van in all her glory. This week is a monumental and bittersweet end of an era for Wanderlust Food Van, and Tasmanian events everywhere. After over a decade of service to Harvest and events around the state, Corey and Sally are putting their old workhorse of a caravan out to pasture. That van has seen it all and more. Probably a stressful service or two as well. Calculations point north of 150,000 meals served. From dusty, bumpy dirt roads to open highways, to many a paddock, and the clean-living latte sippers or the degenerates, sporting hangovers and comedowns of monstrous proportions contained therein, all were welcome.

Reader; we have been those degenerates. Cast back to the glades and clearings of Panama Festival circa 2014. There, barely coherent and clad in only dirty boardshorts, shirtless, shoeless and clueless, a soon-to-be restaurant owner first happened upon the hashbrown breakfast burger at Wanderlust. It is not overstating things to say that this burger may well have saved my life, or at the very least my day that day. We have welcomed the van to Harvest since 2012, and marvelled at its persistence. Stood around, we have, rubbing chins and wondering about its declining roadworthiness. It has been jerry-rigged and gaffa-taped countless times. Yet, all the while we enjoy its offerings and the company it brings.

So adieu dear caravan! Destined for a paddock on a farm, to end your days as a bar for an artist’s retreat. We couldn’t imagine anything more fitting. We also can’t wait to meet your contemporary and wish Sal and Coz all the best in getting her up and running.

Moving on

We know it is only market number 3 for 2023, but it’s the biggest of the year so far! With a whopping 61 stallholders on the books for the week, January has kicked off hard. Metz Munchies Pet Treats, Shelduck Farm, Mumma Shazz, Fork It Farm, and Lily Farm are all making their 2023 debuts. Not to mention Truffles of Tasmania, the charismatic Robbie and Derwent Distillery will be back next week though, being a late scratching.

But wait, there’s more! The wonderful Sue and Tom Glynn of KimchiMe are also joining us this week! It is the last week for Richmond Cherries, although Fraser and Tasmania (Ferniehurst) Cherries are pushing on for a bit yet. Mt Gnomon (aka Mt. Nom Nom) and Guy, the hardest-working man on piggyback are around, having overcome some staffing crises. Finally, our delightful trio of ready-to-eat stallholders are in full flight in the form of Seoul Food, Afghani Bolani and the brilliant Ibrahim and Tassie Murtabak.

On that, it is also the first World Street Eats festival on Sunday. Sunny and Jaewon have left an incredible legacy for Launceston through WSE, and we know first-hand the impact that it has had. We also know first-hand how excited Madi and Amr are to continue and grow that legacy. Moreover, we’re excited to be working with WSE, to create a great offering across a whole weekend for Tasmanian food trucks to visit Launceston. This, we hope, will help drive and grow a vibrant street food culture in Launceston, a vibe that this great town is perfectly suited to.

A Final Thought

A couple of weeks back we had the pleasure of a visit from Gayle, at StandBy: Support After Suicide, a not-for-profit that does what it sounds like. Gayle’s noble and important work under the auspices of Lifeline Tasmania struck a chord with us at Harvest. A service we hope you’ll never need, but we sure are glad it’s there if you do. Gayle and StandBy will be visiting upon the market throughout the year. So if you have even a passing interest in mental health support, keep an eye out for them. Check out their website, and their first-response support after suicide pack.

Thanks for reading, we’ll be back next week, sure as the sun will rise.

Join us on Saturday!

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