At Harvest | 21 May 2022

World Bee Day, Hawka’s Fork, Busking Comp Showcase and special surprises!
All at Harvest this week.

Today is officially World Bee Day! Raising awareness of the critical role bees play in our food production, health and well-bee-ing…see what we did there? Two-thirds of our food production relies on bees. Shopping at a farmers’ market is one of the most bee-friendly ways to buy fresh fruit and vegetables. Not to mention the honey! Your morning coffee, your smashed avo for lunch, and your evening square of chocolate all depend on bees. At Harvest this week, wear yellow so that you show your support and appreciation for bees. 

With that in mind, meet Wendy of West Bee Honey. West Bee started at Harvest in our inaugural year, as a way for Wendy to offload excess honey from hobby hives. Wendy and her Husband David have grown West Bee into a recognised and loved Tasmania brand, producing some of the very finest honey and bee products. Their excess wax is a critical component in the making of canelé, and their hives are strategically placed to maximise the honey’s flavour and purity. Facilitating pollination of our state’s crops, showing out for the community each and every week, and always bringing a warm smile, Wendy is another classic example of the quiet food hero. Without bees, without people like Wendy, and without honey on buttered sourdough toast, life would simply not – bee – the same.

That is enough bee puns for now.

Community Activation at Harvest

It brings constant joy to our lives now that Harvest is able to be a thriving community activation hub once more. Ever heard of the Hawthorn Hawks? Of course you have. Well, this week sees the fully-fledged return of What’s on Hawka’s Fork, a fun and delicious food literacy program for kids! Kids are much more likely to eat fresh foods if they connect with them. Growing vegetables is the best way to connect kids to their food, but farmers’ markets a very close second. Don’t believe us? Check out this podcast, and see, or rather hear, for yourself.

This alone would be a great day out but wait, there’s more! The City of Launceston recently held a busking competition, and Harvest has the privilege of showcasing the winners and finalists on the SOMA stage this week! The SOMA stage is a perfect launchpad for up and coming talent in Launceston. Featuring Kiarnna Lehman, Kaleb Reid and Caitlyn Duffy, the busking comp showcase promises to show you why. There are also a couple of special surprises and appearances in and around the SOMA stage this week. You’ll have to be at Harvest to see what’s up!

The Rub

Wow. That is a lot going on this week. But wait, there’s still more! All the deliciousness you’ve come to expect from us at Harvest you can find on full display this week. How about a bowl of pasta for your Saturday night dinner? If that sounds good, let us pitch this: guanciale and spelt penne with scamorza and parsley. The Grain Family, Fork it Farm, Elgaar and Yang’s 4 Seasons have what you need. Feel like something a little heartier? Slap some diced beef rump in the slow cooker with some mushrooms, silverbeet, bay leaf and stock. Set it and forget it and in 8 hours you’ll have an outstanding ragu to perch atop your pasta. If this tickles your fancy you can find what you need at Oldway Farm, Mr Brown and Town’s and Felds Farm.

All this amazing stuff that goes on at Harvest? It’s all thanks to the amazing work of the Launceston community, and if you think your community group has something to add to the market, we would love to hear from you. Find the Info you need to be part of our Community Engagement Program on the Get Involved link at the Harvest website.

Join us on Saturday!

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