At Harvest | 24 December, 2022

At Harvest – The Christmas Edition

2 more sleeps! Whether you find the week before Christmas joyous, exciting or simply stressful, the good news is that it is here. The better news is that you won’t have to hear about Christmas again for a year after this week. We’re really excited to be able to bring you the market on Christmas eve. It is a monumental effort from our stallholders, and they are expecting a monumental turnout of patrons. They’re brim full of stock and champing at the bit to get it to market at Harvest for you.

Let’s Talk (anything but) Turkey

If only we could. Whilst your Christmas turkey may not be among the amazing produce of the market, all the trimmings certainly are. We’ve talked enough about ham over the last two weeks. Frankly, if you haven’t your ham by now you’ve not been prepared. That is a you problem now. So let’s put the centrepieces aside and focus on the spread. Our conversations in the office at Harvest have resulted in innumerable delicious options. We thought we’d share some with you.

Let’s start with the snackers. A little plate of blue cheese, oatcakes, and honey. We’d definitely be leading off with a mead or gin spritz on the beverage front. How lucky that our bread will be so fresh for Christmas day too. Don’t forget the butter and pickles, and olive oil and vinegar for dipping.

Next the seafood. How about a whole fillet of 41 Degrees South salmon, on a platter with a dressing of mascarpone, ginseng and chives? A couple of crayfish for good measure if you don’t mind, while they’re still cheap(ish). Smash the crayfish on some brioche buns with more butter, some lettuce and basil pesto mayo. Certainly, a vintage cider is the way to go here.

Please (don’t) Stop

No one is hungry again yet, but the food keeps coming and no objections are raised. Steamed spuds are moderately controversial. There is no way of correctly seasoning them during the cooking process. That said, the humble steamed new potatoes tossed in unholy amounts of butter are a thing of beauty. Twist it up with some flavoured salt and chives, pepper and garlic scapes. Or if roasters are more your vibe, go for that. Impress your guests by topping them with some scamorza, spring onion, and diced tomatoes, then finish them under the grill. Fancy loaded potatoes for the win.

Green beans dressed in salsa verde. A big bowl of leaves and herbs, dressed in tangy quark and lemon. A classic Caprese salad, goodness knows you won’t find better ingredients for this than at Harvest. You don’t see French tarragon everywhere, so use this opportunity to make bearnaise. Time to break out the beers and wine.

Oh no, I couldn’t possibly… oh go on then.

Eggs are next. You’ll need the yolks for your brandy sauce that accompanies your plum pudding, and the whites for your pav. The berries are yours for the taking, the milk and cream is the world’s finest and for a funky twist, use a Microplane to grate some chocolate hazelnuts over the top. Sprigs of mint are a must. More cheese and some whisky/liqueurs to finish we should say.

Hungry yet?

Don’t Forget

Next week is New Year’s Eve, and we have the ideal day lined up for you. First, the market, and our workshop, which is presented by Tiff Waldren, Grace Irwin and Willie Simpson. Register here for the workshop. Or just simply rock up. This hop blending and brewing workshop promises to introduce you to the amazing world of hops and beer flavouring and fermentation. Then Launceston BeerFest’s NYE Celebration! Aside from the Hop Blending workshop happening at Harvest, there are many satellite events on the go too! We’ve also done you a favour and hit you with this list of other activities and events happening around Launceston in the lead-up to NYE.

Thanks for reading, have a safe and happy holiday period. Eat, drink and be merry. Spare a thought for those less fortunate than yourself, and donate to a charity or cause if you can. Don’t waste food. Don’t spare generosity. See you on the other side.

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