At Harvest | 24 September, 2022

Huge thanks, recovery week, medals galore, onion jam

Our subtitle reads like a menu. Guess it sort of is. Even though this quote-unquote At Harvest newsletter has been a propaganda arm of Junction Arts Festival for weeks now, it is entirely appropriate that we begin this week with an enormous and heartfelt thanks to those who made the Harvest Sunday Brunch happen. To Jess, Mary, Ryan and Kalie at Junction for the co-lab and opportunity. Rob Braslin and Mangus for the entertainment. The entire Harvest team and community for backing it. Notably, Oldway Farm, Southern Sky Cheese, Hazlebrae Hazelnuts, Brady’s Lookout Cider, Soyoyoy, Lenah Game Meats, Sweet Wheat, Steve’s Veggies, Elgaar Farm, The Grain Family, Honey Tasmania and Tamar Valley Pastured Eggs for the hero produce. PadrĂ©, The Brons, A-Line and The Vollies for the assist. The grumpy lady who yelled at us for blocking the lane on prep-day, apologetic though we were. Even you get a shout-out, grumpy lady! Such was the success of the event that we can’t stay mad at anyone.

Lastly and of course most importantly we thank you, dear reader and/or patron, for turning out. Sunday Brunch was indeed a sell-out in the end, and it would have been nothing without its guests. We certainly hope it becomes a staple event on the Junction Arts Festival calendar.

Righto moving on

What goes up, must come down. The recovery week has been slightly challenging but we’re bouncing back strongly with another bumper Saturday at Harvest. It is a Lily Farm week, a Fork it Farm week, and Corra Linn Distillery are making an appearance. The ready-to-eat stallholders are back at full strength, as will be the booze and cheese contingents.

Keen for another huge list of Harvest stallholders? how about another example of how Harvest Market’s amazing members compete and beat the very best from around the country? We’re giving you both. Join us in offering a huge congratulations to West Bee Honey, Sandy’s Sourdough, Taste of Tam O’Shanter, Kimchime, La Cantara, Red Cow Organics, Della Valle Gelato, Lenah Game Meats, The Village Olive Grove, Tamar Valley Truffles, and Hazelbrae Hazelnuts for their innumerable gold, silver, bronze medals. Seriously we read the complete winners list and we lost count of the medals between these amazing businesses. Special shout-outs to Hazelbrae for their champion trophy! We’re so stoked to see this amazing achievement and representation. Congrats again!

Like, between the medals and the brunch support we’ve listed a fair chunk of our members! See, we don’t bang on about how amazing they all are for no reason. The evidence is right there before you.

Simmer down and colour up

One thing we continually got asked at the Sunday Brunch was, “what is the condiment on the slider buns”. Answer: onion jam. The simplest but one of the most delicious and versatile recipes we’ve ever come up with. 6 ingredients: onions, brown sugar, malt vinegar, mustard seeds, salt, and bay leaves. you can just smash it all in a saucepan by eye, cook the hell out of it until it’s sticky and be done. That works. Here are some tips to make it sing though. Put the onions in the pan with a little water and a lid and steam them down well before adding the other ingredients. Use 25% sugar and vinegar, 1% salt and 1% seeds. So, for every kilo of onion that’s 250, 250, 10 and 10 respectively. Don’t turn your back on it once it reaches its critical caramelisation stage. Also, don’t stress, if it burns and sticks a little, that’s OK, it’s won’t ruin and may improve it. Finally, blitz it smooth, in a thermo if you have one or with any blender if you don’t. Smear on, over, around and inside everything. We mean, everything.

Have fun! See you on Saturday sticky.

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