At Harvest | 25 March, 2023

An exciting new supplier, a follow-up, ‘world’ gelato day, and some exciting appearances at Harvest.

Yeesh. At time of writing the conditions in the office at Harvest, and in the great outdoors certainly indicate nothing other than the strong continuation of the summer months. If this is what we can expect from the coming autumn, we say bring it on. Post-haste. It would represent a welcome change from conditions of yore, for our producers and patrons alike. With that in mind, let’s get down to it.

Here fishy fishy…

Some months ago, we were approached by a tall and charismatic man from the great state of North Carolina, Andrew. Being a fisherman since way back, Andrew was describing passionately his love of Tasmanian seafood and his push to get back on the high seas. We’ve been kept abreast of developments since and as you can imagine this has been slow going for Andrew. From building (literally from scratch) his boat to gaining certification to obtaining the requisite licenses, permits, information, and insurance…the list goes on. All the while we repeated our mantra to him. We said Andrew, when you’re ready to bring your line-caught, small-scale, export-grade west coast catch to us at Harvest, we’ll be ready to have you.

Ladies and gentlemen or however you choose to self-identify, that day is arriveé. Saturday brings us the debut of West Tas Fishing Co-Op. Bringing the goods as described. This is a particularly auspicious debut indeed. A long time coming, the culmination of an incredible amount of work (not by us), and a real achievement for Andrew. Join us in congratulating him, and join us at Harvest tomorrow to see what he and his trusty deckhand have brought to market. Can hardly wait.

‘World’ gelato day

With shorter days and a chill in the air, Della Valle Gelato Naturale‘s season might be on the wane but on the other side of the world, it’s heating up! Ok, so it’s actually European gelato day, the only official food holiday recognised by the European Parliament. But Della Valle Gelato has registered with the officials and they’re taking it global baby! Right here at Harvest. EGD was established by ascent 11 years ago, and It’s celebrated on the 24th of March each year with an official flavour and recipe chosen by a nation-state.

This year, paying homage to the iconic pastry, Austria said Apfelstrudel! We say yes, please. Della Valle will be offering their Apfelstrudel gelato this Saturday. What’s more, anyone wearing ice-cream themed apparel will receive a half-price gelato cone or cup of their choice! Don’t pass up this unique flavour and global celebration of gelato! Also don’t confuse this with world ice cream day, which is entirely different and vastly inferior.

At Harvest this week

At Harvest this week you’ll find some exciting monthly appearances, most notably Fork it Farm and Kimchi Me. That said, sometimes we overlook our incredible stallholders that are there week in and week out, year-round, without fail. We’re talking Delicious Little Things, we’re talking Elgaar Farm, we’re talking Taste of Tam O’Shanter, 41 Degrees South and Three Peaks Organics. Not to mention the likes of Seven Sheds and Honey Tasmania, and Georgetown Seafoods. Or what about Steve’s, Yang’s, or Brady’s, or Sandy’s? The list of weekly stallholders goes on and forms most of our stallholder base.

Think about that for a sec. The majority of stallholders at Harvest on any given week are there every week. It’s amazing, and we salute each and every one of them. How can you thank them yourself? Glad you asked. Get down to the market, shop local, and keep that hard-earned in the hands of your fellow Tasmanians.

What goes great with fish?

That’s right, chips. Remember how we were talking chips last week? Certainly the type of thinking that only leads to more thinking. Page upon page has been filled with enough ink to fill a thousand deep-fryers on this topic. Consequently, if you wish to undertake such research yourself, there is plenty out there to get you started. We’re going to embark on some ourselves, and hopefully bu the time Mantje Produce has returned to us, we’ll have Harvest Market’s Final-Word Fish-and-Chip recipe ready to go for you. Stay hungry.

So, that’s the latest from the offices at Harvest for now. Have a rad weekend everyone, back next week sure as the leaves will fall.

Join us on Saturday!

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