At Harvest | 26 November, 2022

Plants are back, more berries, new brews, new hires, last peonies and more stills. Christmas has arrived.

Two no-nonsense newsletters in a row. Will wonders never cease? With Christmas upon us at Harvest, there may yet be more like this too. Lettuce pray. Here we go, in no particular order.

Just plant stuff

Cramming up our eastern wall in the best and most beautiful way, Tim and Plants Direct are back from their meander to Longford. We’re looking forward to hearing all about it and getting the latest advice on which edibles to plant right now. Tim is sure to have a fine selection on offer. Hopefully, if we get our skates on this weekend, we’re not too late to have some greens ready for the Christmas table. We’re feeling a red-veined sorrel vibe here — the easiest way to fancy up that salad. Few things bring that existential happiness like growing your own food. So, just plant stuff. Even if you’re notoriously hopeless at it like one member of our team who shall remain nameless (Rhys), it’s worth a shot nonetheless.

Insert Berry Pun(net)

As it was with Stuart and Bioberries last week, so it goes with Brett and family from Sheffield Berry Gardens this week. Join us in extending our usual warm Harvest welcome for their presence. Join us too in a childish yelp of excitement for their berries. Brett and his family are among the true stayers of the market over the last ten years. Reliably rocking up each season with some of the very best berries you’ll find anywhere around, Sheffield Berry Gardens are your go-to for some of the lesser-known berries of Tasmania. Silvenberries, loganberries, and tayberries all have their brief and glorious time to shine in Sheffield. We’re not certain what Brett will be arriving with this week, so the best way to find out is to rock up.

New Brews

You’ll recall some months back we bought news of the Swordfish Trombone, the latest creation from WIllie at Seven Sheds. This week, he (and we) are excited and more than a bit titillated to bring you: Platypus 500: Half a Gorilla. Here’s Willie;

“After nearly a decade and a half of artisanal beer-making, Seven Sheds recently notched up the Brian Lara-esque milestone of 500 brews. Platypus 500 is a suitably big-arsed brown ale (in the usual Platypus tradition), augmented by a trio of exotic adjuncts. Flowering Kunzea bush (foraged from West Tamar), rolled organic rye (Elgaar Farm) and hemp hearts (courtesy of Tassie Hemp Shop). The iconic Platypus 500 will be launched into the stratosphere from a patch of Astro-turf at Harvest market this [week]

God only knows what it is like to be in Willie’s head when these crafty creations come to life. And it can stay that way. What we do want to know is how it looks, tastes, feels, and smells. I guess we’ll find out on Saturday.

And Other News

We’re being blessed with the monthly visit from our friend and yours, Karen at Corra Linn Distillery this week. Domiciled in a magnificent barn and farm setting in Relbia, just south of Launceston, Corra Linn has been plying Tasmanians with their sloe gins, single malts and other fine creations for many years. Since their first release in 2018, they’ve been going from strength to strength, consistently bringing exciting new releases to market.

The peonies from Heathermoor are entering their final throes, which is bittersweet. This is hopefully the last week of Spring that we’ll have to suffer through without Felds Farm making a long-awaited comeback. Come to think of it, it is the last week of spring full stop, yikes. Oldway Farm are bringing their very first batch of cured meats, prosciutto and salumi to market this week. We could not be more excited about this, and promise to bring you a full product report next week. After tastings have taken place. And Harvest’s newest Australian, the one and only Evgeny is bringing his microgreens and magnificent accent to market for your enjoyment.

Lastly, this week, we’re extending a very suave welcome to your very own Bond, Meghan Bond. After many years as a volunteer, Meghan is finally joining the Ops Team at Harvest. She’ll represent our amazing volunteer cohort, and revitalise our community engagement program. That cohort and we as the ops team are filled with wonderful ideas about growing our community presence and support. Meghan is on board to help make it happen! We know her and love her, but join us in welcoming her to our team 🙂

That ends the bulletin for this week. Thanks for reading.

Join us on Saturday!

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