At Harvest | 29 April 2023

Sometimes, no news is good news. This week, we’ve got a straight up-and-down summation of market day at Harvest. Nothing more, nothing less.

This week at Harvest, like a microwave lasagne (that we wouldn’t be caught dead eating, honest) we’re going to do what it says on the box. A simple and efficient rundown of what to expect on market day. Served up hot and fresh, and more than a little cheesy. Tuck in.

This Week at Harvest

Most readers will be familiar with the weekly ins and outs of a Saturday morning at Harvest. The likes of Robyn and A Pinch of Tasmania, Rob and Louise of Coronea Grove, and the famous Christie and Hazelbrae. All the weekly legends. As you’d expect this week is no exception and our full complement of weekly stallholders are with us without exception. Bonus, it’s a Mumma Shazz rotation week. Sharyn has been expanding her lines and we hear tell of a foraged plum Worcestershire sauce in the works. Can’t wait for that. Yevgeny and Greens for You are on rotation, as is the effervescent Robbie and Derwent DIstillery. So if you love whisky and a chat, Robbie is your man.

We’re led to believe that this is the last week of the seasonal run for Plants Direct. We bid them a fond farewell. Keen readers will remember a pretty catastrophic accident that befell Karen around this time last year. We’ve been keeping abreast of her recovery and rehabilitation. Alongside the de rigueur frustrations of such a massive challenge, we’re pleased to report that Karen is on the up and up. We’re certain you want to see her back at Harvest next season as much as we do. Rounding it out, it’s a Lily Farm rotation week, and Nic, Em and Sweet Wheat have some plum lamingtons in store for you. One on the Slide is sliding in, Tas Daffodils kicks on and Takin’ it Home are back from a week off doing puppy things.


As always at Harvest, we’ve got a strong and expanding lineup of activities and community engagement in store for you throughout the cooler months. Such a continual procession of events year-round is music (in some cases, literally) to our ears, so keep these things in mind when you’re thinking about your coming weekends.

World Bee Day is Saturday the 20th of May. Our Honey producers will have a special space dedicated to our buzzy friends for your enjoyment. The Australian Musical Theatre Festival is returning to the SOMA stage again soon with another very special guest. Last time it was Paulini! We’ve got a community engagement and info session with FermenTAS coming up, as is National Volunteer Week, International Compost Awareness Week and another Hawks home game which means one thing and one thing only. Hawka, Curly and a bunch of fun at Harvest.

There, see? Straight up and down reporting of what’s on and what’s coming up. It does what it says on the box, and quite unlike the analogous microwave lasagne, our market will be an absolute pleasure to consume, will look pretty and bring you much nourishment.

Thanks for reading. Until next time. Which will be this time, only next week.

Join us on Saturday!

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