At Harvest | 3 December, 2022

A new stallholder, still more berries, the Christmas parade, Smallgrain back, MG and MBC out, and peonies: the bonus round.

December is officially here and y’all no the drill now: no mucking about at Harvest. Everyone is far too busy with the last push until the holidays for any nonsense. At least, we are. Hopefully, this finds you more relaxed than us. Ok, in order of appearance.

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We are excited to welcome another new stallholder to our lineup, Sharyn Rosskelly a.k.a. Mumma Shaz. Join us in extending our congrats and welcome to her, and give her the warm and venturesome patronage that the Harvest community does so well. Mumma Shaz brings you her amazing chilli oils, kasundi, harissa and unique soda bread. Which are 100% Tasmanian, right down to the oil, grown and pressed locally, just for her. Her products are handmade and packed with flavour, a super easy way to bring punch to the palette.

The berry cohort will be replete next week, with Westerway Berry farm joining the fray. For now though, the varieties and stock levels continue to grow from our current crop, Bioberries and Sheffield Berry Gardens. The darker berries are yet to arrive properly, but the strawberries are here for sure. Many people forget that there are many varieties of raspberries, and it’s worth trying them out to find your favourites as the season progresses.

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Whether you love it or are filled with ambiguity about it, it is this week the annual Launceston Christmas parade. Honestly, we wouldn’t have even remembered. Thanks to Rae from Delicious Little Things for the timely advice, she always has our back. While the parade route doesn’t directly affect our block of Cimitiere and Cameron streets, it is worth noting that your approach to the market might need to change for this week. Whatever your personal stance about the Christmas parade, it is going to make for a wonderful vibe around the town for our market morning. We’ve attached a link to the route map for your consideration.

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Market favourites and members since inception, Smallgrain have been going from strength to strength in their little space. It has forced some jiggling and juggling, but this week is their triumphant return to a fortnightly slot at Harvest. You can look forward to all your favs from their menu this week. We certainly know of more than one stallholder that has been missing their chicken sub. Mainly looking at you though, Araina.

We also feel we should in good conscience let you Mt. Gnomon and Meat Bread Cheese are both unfortunate late scratchings this week. On the plus side, we’re getting a bonus round of Heathermoor peonies! Thinking their season over last week we said our goodbyes. We’re so pleased to hear of a strong and bountiful harvest has allowed for this bonus round. Note that their position in the market will have shifted for this final week though. You can find one of our Harvest Heroes to point them out if need be. Shellduck Farm is back for round two, Scoopy is around and our ever-strong array of oils, pickles, condiments, booze and all things fresh are out in force too. December is going to be full on, in the best most delicious possible way.

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The straightforward nature of this week’s newsletter belies how busy things really are. The carpark at Harvest is pretty well full to the brim and our patronage is soaring. It is only set to soar some more during December. Bring it on.

Thanks, have a great weekend and don’t miss the market.

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