At Harvest | 30 July, 2022

A big win for flavour, very special shout-outs, and BYO jars for the kraut party.

Avid readers will have noticed that there has been a fair bit of doom and gloom leeching from the content of the weekly Harvest newsletter. Even last week’s ‘good news week’ felt a little thin on the ground, tenuous at best. So it gives us an enormous amount of pleasure to report some actual good food news! In what is being touted as a ‘big win for flavour’, Australian consumers are now be able to enjoy British raw-milk cheeses. International dairies and cheesemakers have been able to apply to export raw-milk cheeses to Australia since 2016. But now, by melting our ‘ultraconservative’ rules, the process is easier and faster. Let us hope that this leads swiftly and directly to our own cheesemakers being able to produce raw-milk cheeses. We know of no producer or consumer that does not support this.

Very Special Shout Outs

How often have you been walking or driving along somewhere and thought to yourself: Wow those daffodils are amazing? All the damn time right? Definitely. They are the harbingers of spring and the first splash of bright colour after the cooler tones of winter. This week at Harvest marks the last chance you have to pick up some bulbs to get planted before they bloom! If you get them in the ground tomorrow, you’ll see them in spring. Everyone loves daffodils and jonquils. Tell us we’re wrong. We’re not. So know this: your planting of daffodil bulbs brings joy to not only you, but untold others who see them in your yard.

While we’re on the plant kick, we have a very special shout-out to make. Many regular market goers will have noticed that Karen and Tim of Plants Direct have been on their seasonal break. It is hard to miss the absence of the big awesome plant truck. Well, in the course of normal operations, we rang Karen to discuss their triumphant return to Harvest. We had a conversation that we were really, really not expecting.

Turns out Karen has sustained 3 broken ribs and compression fractures to her L2 and L3 vertebra. Motorbikes hey. Chatting to Karen about the incident, it was wonderful to hear her retaining a sense of humour about the whole affair. Perhaps it was the morphine. Opiates aside, it isn’t the greatest situation in which to find oneself. Join us in wishing Karen a full and speedy recovery!

BYO Jars for the Kraut Party at Harvest

We have had such a great response to the Ferment Stations workshop a Harvest as part of agriCULTURED. A hands-on workshop in which you’ll make your own sauerkraut in the market, from market produce. Plus receive wisdom from experts in fermentation and walk away with your very own jar of goodness to complement your meals all winter long. Here is the kicker though: you MUST BYO JAR. Wouldn’t be very sustainable of us to just buy a whole bunch of new jars now, would it? Come on down from 9.30 on Saturday the 6th of August for Ferment Stations. Plus guided shopping, a cooking demo from Harvest Chef de Mission Rhys Hannan, and plenty of exciting conversations and learning opportunities.

We’re going to adorn the market with ferment bunting to direct you to all our stallholders that sell fermented goods. There are many. And this got us thinking, can you make a dish entirely out of fermented foods? Caveat: not a sandwich. It’s tricky, one does not want to overdo a particular flavour in a dish. We think we’ve come up with it though. To find out what we came up with, you’ll have to come down for the demo on the 6th of August.

Join us on Saturday!

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