At Harvest | 4 February 2023

Keeping it short and sharp this week! A fond farewell to brownies, a couple of welcome backs, late-season cherries and heavy recovery at Harvest.

With so much – almost too much – going on this week at Harvest and around the state, we’re keeping this one short and sharp. So here we go, in order of severity.

Heavy Vehicle Recovery

“The show must go on” is a very common refrain in our lives. Words to live by we’re sure you’ll agree. Sometimes one has to problem-solve on the fly to get said show on though. Sometimes the problems are small, sometimes they are quite big. Last week they were bus-sized. The audience rarely sees the drama backstage, but last week we had a broken-down metro bus, right exactly where our market needs to be. Some frantic phone calls, some tense moments, and 45 minutes later there was an 80-tonne recovery truck skull-dragging that sucker onto a flatbed and hauling it out of our space. Why are we telling you this?

Two reasons. One, we’d like to publicly thank our stallholders for their patience, good humour and support during the most eventful bump-in in history at Harvest. Not to mention TasStar Transport, whose legendary appearance shall become Harvest lore. Second, we remind you please for the love of vegetables, don’t park in our carpark on Friday nights / Saturday mornings. It will suck. For everyone.

Bye-bye brownies

This week we’re bidding a fond farewell to Susanne and Spike of the wonderful Modo Mio Naked, after what has been a considerably long tenure at Harvest. Sussanne has graced the market with amazing fudge brownies that cater to all manner of dietary requirements and choices. Scratch the surface a little and you’ll soon discover that Susanne has an intimate knowledge of the ingredients and techniques that produce sweet treats for anyone’s needs, without compromising on quality, flavour or texture. Always quick with a laugh and down for a chat, Susanne and Modo Mio Naked will be missed. Join us in congratulations her on her knock, and wishing her the very best for the next chapter.

Hello cherries

Surprise cherries are the best kind of cherries. It’s always great to hear from farmers wanting to come to market. And this week we’re delighted to have picked up King Rock Cherries. Their specific planting of late-season cultivars means a sweet surprise extension to the fresh cherry season at Havrest. Which we’re certain you’ll agree is a real treat. How long that extension will be, we cannot say. What we can say is that we’re excited to see what they’ve got for our Harvest patrons, who are very discerning when it comes to cherries. Get on down, show them some love, and let us know what you reckon.

Welcome back

After a hiatus from the market – not to be confused with a holiday – we’re welcoming back Artisa and Greens for You, who were both away on production sprees. Keen market-goers or anyone with even a passing interest in food will be able to see that within a 50-meter stretch of our carpark, one can get a grazing long lunch all dialled in. From aperitif to digestif, and the whole thing in between, it is all there. We’re talking Metcalf, Shellduck, Artisa, 41 South, Seven Sheds, Greens for You, Taste of Tam O’Shanter, Modo Mio and Yangs. Sorted. When you get to thinking, you can find whatever you need for whatever style of cooking your heart desires really.

Ok, that is it, we’re out for this week. 579 words. That counts as short and sharp around here. Thanks for reading, catch you on Saturday morning.

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