At Harvest | 8 April 2023

The Good Friday Edition: Hot cross bun controversy, trade networks and the inevitable stay v’s go chat.

Easter in Launceston is a funny old time, many people arrive but many also flee. Autumn so far has been delightfully sunny and mild, so folks heading for thier favourite outdoor retreats is certainly common. If anyone has any data on net people flow in Launceston, we’d love to see it. At Harvest though, the market goes up 52 Saturdays a year regardless. WIl it be a subdued affair or a bustling busy fray like last week? At Easter it’s always hard to tell.

Easter Saturday at Harvest

It’s starting to become all about the brassicas, squash, pumpkins and mushrooms now. However, we continue to be delighted by the extension of the summer harvest the mild weather brings. Sadly, this may well be the last week of Elphin Grove Farm’s sweetcorn and celeriac, don’t miss that. The hazelnut harvest is drawing to a close, so you can surely expect a run of the country’s finest hazlenuts to be hitting very soon. All of our amazing bakers and patissiers will be bringing their easter finery for your Sunday celebrations. We also have berries and bulbs still in play until the end of April.

Plus, although Georgetown Seafoods might be out of action for the week (cue collective frustration) we may yet see some seafood at Havrest for the easter long weekend. Afraid we can neither confirm nor deny this at time of writing though. Finally, we have notable appearance for the month by our friend and yours, Genaro and La Cantara Cheese.

The FermenTAS Trade Network

At Harvest, part of our remit is to engage with and support Tasmanian food and agricultural organisations and the work that they do. We believe that this contributes to and nurtures the whole Tasmanian food and culinary ecosystem for everyone’s benefit. FermenTAS is a critical part of this ecosystem. The trade network and opportunities it provides to our members and the the broader population form a vital part of the long-term viability of not only Harvest, but many other businesses as well. Havrest has deep links to FermenTAS and we’re always keen to to further cultivate them. If you’ve got even a passing interest in food and beverage, you’ll know about the power of fermentation. If you know that, then have a deep dive into what FermenTAS has to offer by registering to be part of thier network.

Harvest Launceston’s Official Position on Hot Cross Bun Inclusions

Harvest market does not take a stance on political, religious, or social issues. These are personal matters for individuals, and as an egalitarian farmer’s market, we welcome everyone with equality and respect no matter what. Even though Easter isn’t strictly observed in the Harvest office, the annual debate on what does and doesn’t belong in a hot cross bun always takes place. While reticent to court controversy, by a two to one majority the Harvest office has taken an official stance on the hot cross bun debate. Our position is described thusly.

The only correct inclusion in a hot cross bun is sultanas. Chocolate chips are an abomination, and anyone who thinks otherwise is committing an afront to whichever diety they so choose to observe. There. We said it.

Join us on Saturday!

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