@ Harvest | April 2, 2022

Youngbloods, events, ins and outs, and final days for berries.

Youngblood. Without the next crop of primary producers coming through, much would be lost. That is why we love Lauren Byrne (pictured) and Michael Layfield (not pictured, he’s camera-shy) so much. I guess there are other reasons, but they’re too numerous for now. Together, Michael and Lauren are Felds Farm. Relative newcomers to Harvest, Felds Farm bolted out of the ground like coriander in summer, with a stall of colourful abundance and detailed touches that tell you Felds is more than just another produce stall.

They are our youngbloods. Chefs-turned-farmers, Michael and Lauren want to be in touch with their food. Their restaurant experience guides them to grow interesting and unusual varieties of produce. Produce that local chefs fall over themselves to get onto their seasonal menus. Felds is not half an hour from Launceston, at the foot of the Arthur Range. The sort of country where you can plant toothpicks and grow power poles. There, Michael and Lauren practice no-till, spray-free, regenerative, hand-tool farming. Their passion for, and commitment to, soil ecology and the environment is self-evident in their lustrous greens. Their commitment to flavour and nutrition shines through as well. You can tell simply by smelling their tomatoes, which smell as a tomato should, or by making yourself dinner with their produce, which leaves you feeling that perfect type of good-full.

Young people, working hard to bring you good food that is sustainably grown, delicious and nutritious. Through Felds, Micheal and Lauren stand for something. Harvest stands with them.

You’re no doubt familiar with the expression ‘the calm before the storm’. Apt. Because while it may seem a little quiet on the front this week, there is much brewing behind the scenes. We’re launching an Autumn Outdoor Cinema Experience series in conjunction with TARGA Tasmania, plus BOFA Film Festival, happening in late April and early May. The Tassie Hawks will be returning to Harvest with Hawka’s Fork, featuring live cooking, kids market foraging and of course Hawka himself! Plus more appearances by Jackjumpers and Western United FC, community engagement from ABC Friends and Second Echo Ensemble. Swing dancers, salsa dancers and a fermentation festival! It is so exciting to see our calendar filling up with activities for 2022.

There is always room for activities at Harvest. Getting active Tasmania this week is Georgetown Seafoods! Noticeably absent these past weeks. This has caused commotion among Harvest’s Fish Tragics (a term of endearment we use for Chris’ regular customers, who are both loyal and very numerous). It is a fortnightly rotation week for Takin’ It Home, Black Barn Hill and Tamar Valley Pastured Eggs. There are breakfasts from Malaysia, Afghanistan and Korea on offer. Plus, it’s one of your last chances at berries for the season. Get in and see Sheffield Berry Gardens and Bioberries for your fix while you can.

One final thought. You may have noticed Harvest going through some small aesthetic ch ch ch changes. A mere spruce up. We are, and will always be, part of the fabric of Launceston and your reliable source of the finest local produce.

Join us on Saturday!

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