At Harvest | 13 May 2023

The Mother’s Day Edition – Lillies, breakfasts, tipples and treats. Plus, a new kid on the block, road closure frustrations, and some official days and weeks. Winter slowdown at Harvest? We think not.

We don’t need to remind you that Sunday is Mothers’ Day do we? Well, we’re doing our civic duty and reminding you anyway. Because mums are spesh, and because you can find everything you need at Harvest for that special breakfast you’re totally cooking on Sunday morning, that you’ve absolutely planned because you definitely haven’t forgotten. More on that in a bit, for now, let’s knock the froth off it.

A frustrating road closure

On Saturday, Cimitiere Street is closed between George and Tamar Streets. Frustrating, but not much we can do. So, we’re letting you know that there will be no access to the market from Cimitiere Street. Because the works will play havoc with our bump-in, we’re also asking you to please refrain from entering the market site before 8.30 am. OK, enough of that, here’s the good gear.

At Harvest

It being Mother’s Day weekend, two things are front and centre: flowers and breakfasts. Two of our specialties at Harvest. Don’t miss out on the special bouquets from Lily Farm, obviously. It’s not unheard of for a few random posies to pop up around the place either. More importantly though, breakfast. Stuck for ideas? Well, there is the obvious choice of smoked salmon, poached eggs, truffle paste and sourdough. You could go continental: pastries, jams, cold cuts, baguette, cheese, pickles, tomatoes, coffee and juice. Go sweet by knocking up a buckwheat pancake affair, with some honey and whipped mascarpone. You could have a scallop pie. To each, their own! We could go on, but if you can’t draw some inpso from this, looks like Mum is going hungry on Sunday morning. We can’t have that, so get planning!

While you’re at it, a gift is probably in order too. Some things that spring to mind are choccy hazelnuts, gin (obviously), more gin, or wine, or gelato. Is a rack of pork a gift? Steak? We suppose so. Hopefully, we’ve made abundantly clear that the place you need to be for your Mother’s Day shopping is at Harvest.

New kids, the days and weeks, and other goings on

Join us in extending a huge Harvest welcome and congratulations to Scott Hall and his Hall’s Barbeque! The road to becoming a ready-to-eat stallholder isn’t a short or easy one. You have to pass muster, and also meet some pretty stringent criteria. Scott has been down that road and has finally reached its end. Hall’s BBQ is making its debut at Harvest tomorrow, and knowing what we know we’re obviously excited. Congrats Scott! See you tomorrow.

It’s International Compost Awareness Week! All week we’ve been thinking about compost, and equally how we’re going to get it back at Harvest. The National Champion of Compost, the one and only Costa Georgiadis is our spirit guide. We’ll channel our inner Costa and have FOG back ASAP, rest assured.

Next week is National Volunteer Week! We talk loudly and often about our volunteers aka our Harvest Heroes. It isn’t an exaggeration to say that Harvest would absolutely not be what it is (or even exist, maybe) if it were not for volunteers. We’ll be shouting their praises from the rooftops next week, and can only encourage you to experience the satisfaction of giving something back to your community.

Next week also includes World Bee Day (Saturday the 20th), A Hawks home game, and a performance from the Australian Musical Theatre Festival! Yikes, when we say it all out loud it sounds hectic but in a good way.

That’s it from us for now, almost knock-off time Launceston. Enjoy it. See you in the morning.

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