Bolani, beer and biscuits – April 22

This Saturday we welcome the Bolani Stall to Harvest. The stall is run by members of the local Afghan community, selling traditional homemade flatbread filled with vegetables and herbs, and served with yoghurt. We also welcome the return of Tasman Sea Salt with their natural sea salt flakes, locally grown quinoa from Coolmores, and hand crafted beer from Little Rivers Brewing Co. Delicious Little Things will have their tasty Anzac biscuits in preparation for next Tuesday’s Anzac Day. Make the most of new season apples and pears from Lees Orchard and Windara Orchard, late season berries from Sheffield Berry Gardens, avocados from Avoland Avocados, and sweet corn and celeriac from Elphin Grove Farm. Buskers Emmaleigh Groenveld and Tony Newport will be entertaining market goers throughout the morning.