Boots for Change is a national campaign involving farmers’ markets across the country. The boot is an iconic image to connect farmers, families, markets and communities. Harvest is urging all of our shoppers and stallholders to step out in their oldest, shiniest and dirtiest boots to do their shopping at their favourite farmers’ market. Wear your boots – any kind of boots – every Saturday in April and join the Harvest Launceston Community Farmers’ Market to show your solidarity and support of our farmers and their families and join in all kinds of booting fun.

Our Tasmanian farming families do more than feed us. They bring tourists to our state in search of delicious delights. They bring life to a car park every Saturday morning. They inspire scientists to re-define what it means to make premium wines and ciders. They make us proud of our little state.

BOOTS FOR CHANGE 2016 – Campaign Update April 17

Meet some of Harvest Launceston’s Farming Families.


Langdale Farm

L-R Sam, Emily, Oliver and Fiona Stocker of Langdale Farm.

L-R Sam, Emily, Oliver and Fiona Stocker of Langdale Farm.
Meet the Family

Rumdoodle Farm


Maddy from Rumdoodle Farm taking some time out from feeding the sheep.
Meet the family

Honey Tasmania


Tristan, Rebecca, Rorin and Araina Campbell from Honey Tasmania.
Meet the family

Real Beef


The Posbro-Pederson and Blackberry clans that make up Real Beef.
Meet the families

Sandy’s Sourdough


Sandy, Lucy and Bridget from Sandy’s Sourdough.
Meet the family

41 South Tasmania


Jessica, Sarah, Ben & Gabrielle Pyka of 41 South Tasmania.
Meet the family

Steve’s Vegies


Pao S, Mai T, Pleadar, Pleija and Serenity Thaow of Steve’s Vegies.
Meet the family

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