Buttermilk, gelato and ABC Friends – April 8

Tasmanian Butter Co. are introducing their cultured fresh buttermilk to market goers this weekend in take home one litre bottles. Their creamy tangy buttermilk is created as part of their butter making process. Della Valle Gelato joins Harvest with their fruit and milk based artisanal natural gelato, flavoured with fresh fruits, nuts, honey, coffee, chocolate or herbs, depending on what is in season. Brady’s Lookout Cider return with their Premium and Wild Cuvee ciders, along with the Three Fermented Queens and their krauts, kimchi and kombucha. Tasmanian Buffalo will have their range of buffalo meat cuts, buffalo pies and dog treats, Langdale Farm with their free range pork, sausages and bacon, as well as Casa Paella, Lentara GroveModo Mio Naked and Trio of Dips. Musicians The Fergusons and Jamil Locker will be entertaining the market crowd during the morning.

Our local ABC Friends group will be volunteering at the market this Saturday. ABC Friends is a community organisation represented in every State working together to maintain the independence and integrity of the ABC.  They support the maintenance and advancement of the ABC to fulfil to a high standard its role as an independent, comprehensive national public broadcaster, and to promote Australian culture in all its diversity. Read more about what they do and how to find us at: www.abcfriends.org.au