Fermenting Food For Thought | Saturday 1st August

This weekend at Harvest Launceston Community Farmers’ Market we welcome FermenTasmania and the opportunity to chat to us about how our local ingredients can be transformed naturally through microorganisms (bacteria, yeast & fungi) into delicious foods such as milk, cheese, yoghurt, beer, sourdoughs or kombucha.  Fermentation is a core part of our everyday eating with studies showing not only of the health benefits but also the exciting opportunities for community collaboration and industry growth within Tasmania.

Much of the food we buy at the market will have undergone a fermentation experience. The art of sourdough as practised at Sandy’s Sourdough, and Apiece bakeries relies upon the yeast in the air to ferment and grow to become delicious loaves and pastries.  Milk is another perfect fermentation companion as showcased by the dairy farmers and cheesemakers who bring fermentation delights from yoghurt to mould encased cheeses. Visit Andy at Red Cow Organics to learn about their award winning gruyere cheese. Another award winning stallholder, Coal River Farm celebrates mould and its role in creating the perfect round of soft cheeses. At Elgaar Farm generations of dairy farming are on show from yoghurts to ripened rounds of delectable cheeses. Southern Sky cheese always has a range of cheese including both cow and goats cheeses.

Honey and fermentation equals mead. Visit Stephen at Wanderers Mead to taste the delicious result of fermenting honey or see Willie at Seven Sheds for the inside information on how he transform honey from Tasmanian Honey into a delicious drink.

For the prefect Saturday snack, wrap some sourdough baguette around a slice of freshly cut cheese, and wash it down with a glass of mead, yum!

The weather is forecast to be a perfect winter day with temperature from 5º to 14º with some evening rain. See you on Saturday.


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