@Harvest | 19 March, 2022

ABLED Kitchen, Eat Well Tasmania, and live cooking and… Scoopy! Bumper Harvest this week!

Meet Scoopy (pronouns He/Him, we checked). Isn’t he beautiful?! Deb and Dale, the two folks behind the wheel (or the churner, as it were) are equally beautiful. One of the true joys of Harvest is discovery, and Della Valle Gelato (feat. Scoopy) is an amazing discovery. Deb went to Gelato University in Bologna and Dale has a PhD in molecular biology and chillies. That discovery alone is amazing on many levels. Inspired by an Italian sabbatical after a combined 60+ years of academic and professional life (and the existence of a gelato university) Della Valle Gelato has been a Harvest summer staple for over 5 years. Wholly focused on Tasmanian ingredients and wholly delicious, their gelati and sorbetti bring smiles and joy (and the occasional tantrum when dropped) to anyone who even gazes upon them, let alone mushes it into their face (lookin’ at you Heidi). Speaking to Deb and Dale, one can’t help but marvel at the depth and breadth of their professional achievements but, sorry guys, Scoopy and his contents are by far your finest work of all.

At Harvest, we’re all about community engagement. It is difficult to conceive of a more wonderful program than our guests this week. ABLED Kitchen is a collaboration between St. Giles, FermenTas and Sandy’s Sourdough that provides hands-on experience and employment pathways for those that are differently-abled. The participants in this year’s program will be alongside Sandy’s stall this week selling filled ravioli, fresh pasta and pizza bases for your Saturday night feast. All proceeds go directly back into the ABLED kitchen program so it can grow and grow and continue to provide these valuable opportunities for individuals that are often undervalued by our society. We can’t think of a more worthy program to support, and we’re so excited to chow down on the fruits of their brilliance.

Also, Eat Well Tasmania and their What’s In Season campaign are back for autumn, and we’re doing some more live cooking with resident Chef de Mission Rhys Hannan to celebrate. Always featuring market produce, and with recipe cards on hand, there are more Saturday night crowd-pleasing options than you can poke a carrot at this week.

It keeps coming too. Hopefully you’ve noticed the new-look newsletter! We’ve also updated our website with a new look and feel. It is now your go-to place for info, videos, stallholder profiles and much more. Plus everything you need to get involved with our Harvest community in whatever way tickles your fancy. Please, get on over and check it out using the links above. We welcome your feedback.

Aside from all this, what will actually be going down this week at Harvest? We’re glad you asked. There have been some ups and downs as summer settles and autumn kicks in, but we really do have a bumper for you this week. We’re beyond pleased to welcome Tamar Valley Pastured Eggs back. Plus, Tassie Hemp, Brady’s Lookout Cider, Hazelbrae, Frank’s Char, Takin’ it Home, and Strellyfield Duck are all back in the fold. Our Patch Pet Food is returning to keep the floofies happy. After a bit of a mix-up (by us), both Honey Tasmania and West Bee are also here, which is pretty sweet. Tas Daffodils bulbs are still available, as is Elphin Grove Farm’s amazing sweetcorn. We must also mention our three incredible produce suppliers who are week in week out reliable, Felds, Yang’s and Steve’s.

You can check out the full list of stallholders here.

New looks, new peeps, new ideas and new experiences. We’re absolutely psyched for this week. See you there x

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