@ Harvest | 26 February, 2022

Pick it, pack it, fire it up. Launceston is officially the best regional city in Australia.

This is Thirlstane Gardens. Well, this is Graham. And lettuce. But to us at Harvest, Lettuce is Thirlstane and Thirlstane is lettuce, and so much more besides. Also Graham. Goodness only knows what time they get out of bed to make the journey from the north coast into Harvest on a Saturday morning. We hate to think. What we do know though, is how long they have been making that journey for Harvest and their community. 10 years, that’s how long. Graham was a member of Harvest’s founding committee (eagle-eyed readers may have spotted him in an image two weeks ago) and Thirlstane continues to be a beloved Harvest cornerstone. Through innovation, persistence and sheer hard yards, Thirlstane had grown to supply the freshest of herbs, greens, and leafy veg not just to you dear patrons, but to restaurants and markets statewide. Join us in shout outs and congratulations to Thirlstane for their incredible and lasting contribution to our community. Now come and buy some lettuce. 

For those of you unaware, International Compost Awareness Week is coming up! ICAW is a week of activities and events that raise awareness of the importance of compost, a valuable organic resource. We are constantly bombarded with complaints about the lack of compost chat in this newsletter. So, through our FOGO program and primary producers we are breaking it down for you and promoting compost use, knowledge and products. Composting can help end carbon pollution by keeping organic materials out of landfill and nurturing healthier soils. Get Composting people! Costa approves.

Also, Wotif.com has named Launceston the Aussie Town of the Year! Wotif said that Launceston is “arguably Australia’s newest foodie hub, with a UNESCO City of Gastronomy title to prove it. Boasting world-class wineries, restaurants and the stunning [Harvest Market] just a short walk from the city centre, travellers will be leaving feeling full and happy”. Ok, we added the Harvest Market bit ourselves, but the point remains! Big ups to Launnie and everyone in it.

Weekly shameless plugs. Tick. Let’s chew the gristle. Grilling our steaks this week is the return of Jordan and Hillwood Fresh Food Co, who in addition to his usual fare is honouring us with some hand-reared grass-fed prime beef. Super, super exciting. A full complement of distillers (Metcalf, New Norfolk, and Corra Linn) are all popping corks to whet your whistle. Bruny Island Oysters are back after a challenging hiatus, which is shucking great. Lily Farm is bunching up to brighten your lives, as are Tas Daffodils, who are back for a seasonal run of bulbs into autumn. Cake of Peace is piping up with raw and vegan sweet treats for your enjoyment and A Pinch of Tasmania is sprinkled in as well. Plus, it is the last Saturday of the month (eek!) and that means Fork it Farm will be grazing around with their incredible meats, pâtés and saucisson. 

Disco Duma is back with a special guest for his final set of the summer (one-more-tune chant anyone?) on the SOMA stage this week, bringing the prime cuts and tastiest jams. Lettuce turnip the beet one more time! 😉 

Harvest is continually looking to expand our engagement with the community. Our focus for 2022 is extending our Volunteer Program into community organisations to increase the breadth and depth of an already amazing pool of people. Are you part of an amazing community or not-for-profit organisation? If so, email us to sign up for our Community Engagement Program and let us work together to nourish and sustain our collective wellbeing. Or if you simply want to become a local food hero, you can sign up to volunteer at Harvest here

We wish it was but sometimes life isn’t all vintage cider and pâté de tête. We’re sorry to report  Genaro at la Cantara and Hazelbrae Hazelnuts are both out this week for leave, covid or harvesting variously. That sucks, but we write to you in the best of times and the worst of times nonetheless. 

Pictured: Thirlstane Gardens Red Butterhead lettuce. 2013 – (courtesy Sean Robson)
L to R: red butterhead lettuce, European basil
Lettuce references – 5 
Devil’s lettuce references – 1

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