@ Harvest | 26 March, 2022

Events, community responses, seasons change and a very special cidery

Autumn. Apple season. Only appropriate then that we Introduce you to Chris and Caro Brown of Brady’s Lookout Cider. Although, with all the amazing work they do in so many places, chances are you have already met them. They were volunteering in the early years, bringing Rotary Club, cycling groups, skills and knowledge to the table. Caro joined the Harvest board in 2014, the cider came shortly thereafter and Brady’s Lookout Cider has never looked back. Training in, and touring the cider producing regions of France, Germany and England, Brady’s now produces some of the finest Methode Traditionelle ciders in, well, we think the world. Using regenerative and closed-loop farming practices, Chris and Caro’s ongoing work to improve the land on which they grow and produce is extensive. From Composting and bio-char to by-product use, renewable energy and wildlife protection, Chris and Caro care deeply for the country they’re on.

Rock-solid attendees and supporters of the Harvest, skilled cider makers, toilers and creators. Chris and Caro are walking examples of what it means to be part of the Harvest community. Raise a glass to their contributions with us.

Thanks to everyone out there for the wonderful response to the ABLED Kitchen program last week. ABLED sold every last skerrick of their delicious (and they were delicious) ravioli and pizza bases. The stall looked beautiful, the participants were all smiles, and the response from the community was so positive and encouraging. We have already booked ABLED to come back in august, bigger and better! Thanks to everyone who made it happen, most of all the participants. Can’t wait for the next one.

A special thanks to Libby and Carl from Eat Well Tasmania too. It’s always so much fun to be cooking live at Harvest. We love sharing the recipes of the market with you and our partnership with EWT is set to continue with every change of the season. We’ve published the recipe here.

Speaking of recipes, check out this recipe for apple and hazelnut cake from a while back. Featuring apple flour and black apples (more innovative products from Chirs and Caro) we thought we would remind you about it to kick off apple season.

The apple season gives us another great segue into the goings-on of the week. Windara Orchard – who grow apples, thus the segue – are returning for the season. Lily Farm is going off script but staying properly on message by bringing tulips to brighten your life. Cake of Peace is on their fortnightly rotation, and you can treat your 4-legged family members with Metz Petz this week. Tie-dye ahoy! Wanderer Mead is also back after a time-out, and Fork It Farm is on the tools too. Corra Linn Distillery is your go-to for the Saturday afternoon drink this week, and our ready-to-eat game is locked on 100. Unfortunately, we have two wonderful regulars in the form of Sweet Wheat and George Town Seafoods both away this week.

On the other hand, bringing the SOMA stage to life this week are The Ferguson Brothers and Rush! – Gerard Rush, not actual Rush…that would be something though…

One last thing, we can let you know that Harvest, in conjunction with TARGA Tasmania are hosting another movie night! We will of course bring you all the info very soon. We have so much planned already for 2022, it is really time to get a proper calendar going so you can plan your Harvest time accordingly too.

You can click here or above for the full list of stallholders this week.

Looking forward to another great market, see you there!

Join us on Saturday!

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