@ Harvest | 30 April 2022


It’s BOFA time people! The cinematic experience of the year is upon us, wIth events spread across this beloved big-country-town of ours. This Saturday brings the first instalment of BOFA X Harvest, with an afternoon of food, drinks, and live music. Featuring The KHG Trio, The Tasmanian Leather Orchestra, and Geraldine Grey Quartet, plus entertainment for the kiddies from Interweave. And that’s not all, because on Saturday the 7th of May we’re going again, baby! Bringing you Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs plus more live music, fun, food, and good times. Grab your tickets ASAP.

This week highlights the seasonal changes that we sometimes take for granted or fail to truly appreciate. They happen slowly, but by now autumn’s graces are unmistakable. Sure, we can all see the leaves changing, it is truly beautiful around Launceston at this time of year. The colour of leaves falling in the golden hue of autumnal afternoon sun never fails to inspire. It also provides a chance to reflect and perhaps slow the pace of life a little, to wind down from the whirlwind that is summer in Launnie.

Not for our Harvesters though! Many of our stallholders are getting in deep with harvesting, production, and the machinations of farm life. Others embark upon tasks that nurture their environment and prepare them for what the next season may bring. Farm life may ebb and flow, but it never ceases. Hazelnuts, native flowers, brassicas, pumpkins and squash are coming to term. Pome fruits (from the Latin pomum, in the Rosaceae family, for the food nerds among us) which include apples, pears, and quinces are hitting their stride too. Not to mention citrus, which while not present at the market is also about to hit peak season.

The Juice

So, the juice. Hazelbrae is making a brief return before the hazelnut harvest season ties them to the farm for a while. Georgetown Seafoods are coming back after a well-deserved couple of weeks off. Metcalf, New Norfolk and Derwent Distilleries are both on hand this week. We always take such joy in Robbie’s (Derwent Distillery) Glaswegian accent. Seriously, we could listen to that bloke read the ASX200 report and still be entertained. Plus, Mount Gnomon Farm are back, the full complement of ready-to-eat stallholders are out in force, and Friends of ABC are hanging around spruiking for independent media.

We probably should inform you though, that our beloved Scoopy will be departing soon, so don’t miss out on some incredible gelato and sorbetto, plus our berries and Plants Direct will be finishing up soon.

@ Harvest

All this amazing stuff that goes on at Harvest? It’s all thanks to the amazing work of the Launceston community, and if you think your community group has something to add to the market, we would love to hear from you. Info on how you can be part of our Community Engagement Program is on the Get Involved link at the Harvest website.

Thanks. Signing off. We’ll be back next week. And every week. Bye for now, see you at Harvest x

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