Harvest Market Plans to Reopen on May 23 and WIN $50 to Spend at Harvest Market Online

This Week at Harvest Market Online

Harvest Market Online is open and taking orders until 3pm Wednesday, with delivery or click and collect from Invermay on Saturday 16th May.  Why not grab yourself some delicious local pears, spuds or raspberries?  And if you’re finding it hard to homeschool and get dinners prepared, we can highly recommend the family lasagne or the DIY slider kits from One on the Slide.  Shop online at  www.harvestmarketonline.org.au

Market Set to Reopen on May 23, 2020

Just 2 months ago our Tasmanian way of life was turned on its head as we grappled with the possibility of a viral outbreak in our island state.  In conjunction with advice from health professionals and the Tasmanian Government, the Harvest Board and Management team made the difficult decision to suspend the physical market and move Harvest to an online platform.  Being a true farmers’ market – selling only food and plant produce – and thus being classified as an essential service, we felt it was imperative to continue to bring our wonderful, fresh, local produce to the people of Northern Tasmania.  Harvest Market Online was born.  Thank you to all who have continued to support our local producers through this channel.  We will continue to operate this online platform for the foreseeable future.

Over the past 2 months we have become accustomed to a world in which social distancing is the norm.  Tasmanians have heeded the messages and advice to stay home and only go out when it is necessary.  We understand that it is preferable to shop alone where possible and we are used to finding those crosses on the ground telling us where to stand in places where we should be queueing.  We have adapted.  As such, the Harvest Board and Management Team, again in conjunction with the advice of health care professionals and in line with Government recommendations, have made the decision to re-open the market on May 23, though we remain flexible with this date should the external circumstances change.  There will be no ready-to-eat food at the market and no hot coffee.  We will be operating effectively as an outdoor supermarket, purely for people to come and buy their groceries and then return home.

We will be asking all patrons to follow our new market rules:

  • Please DO NOT come to the market under any circumstances if you are sick or in contact with people who have any symptoms
  • Please ensure you have your hands sanitised upon entry to the market
  • Practise social distancing at all times
  • Please only touch items you are going to buy
  • Please use pay wave as payment method whenever possible
  • Where possible, please send only one person from your family to do the shopping

We are so excited at the prospect of our lovey market returning.  Our producers need your support at this difficult time, so we hope to see you there soon!


Vote for Harvest in the Great Regional City Challenge

We are also asking all of our Harvest supporters to vote for our 3 projects in the Great Regional City Challenge We have been busy planning some exciting instalments for the market when we are able to return including:

  • Having a permanent shipping container that has been converted to a “Community Stage” which can be used by buskers, local theatre or dance groups, local choirs and visiting artists, similar to the stage we have during Mona Foma, pictured (Vote for Project #9)
  • Setting up a monthly “drive-in” or outdoor cinema on one Saturday evening each month (Vote for Project #12)
  • Working with Self-help to create some mobile planter boxes which could be used to green the carpark and also to demarcate spaces (Vote for Project #13)

There is a 4th project we would also love you to lend your support to – “A UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy”  (Vote for Project #42)

We would love you to vote for all of our projects (or even just one) if you get a moment.  Thank you for your support!  You can vote here: https://launcestontogether.com.au/activity/the-great-regional-city-challenge


Complete our Survey to WIN $50 to spend at Harvest Market Online

Please complete our online survey to let us know how you like to shop at Harvest Market – it takes less than 1 minute!  https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/JN2M6RH

Join us on Saturday!

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