@Harvest | October 9, 2021

Daylight savings has arrived people! Get stoked. The arrival of the longer days always signifies a joyous turning point in the year and makes us überkeen to get out and about. Most of all though it means BBQ season, and Harvest is your one-stop Saturday BBQ shop! Meats, veg, greens, oils, salts, condiments… literally everything you require for the most incredible spring BBQ is on offer at Harvest except the actual BBQ. That is on you.

Harvest’s Great Movie Night is coming up soon! Secure your spot and grab your tickets right here, right now. NORTH festival kicks off next week, and we can’t thank these cats enough for incorporating our Movie Night into their festivities. NORTH Festival is bringing you amazing events focused on food, beverage and experiences quintessential to Northern Tas throughout their run of dates. You can check it all out, and grab tickets to all their events (including our Great Movie Night 😉 ) by clicking right here.

The really big news for the week’s market is our live cooking demo and market tour with our Chef de Mission Rhys Hannan. Rhys has hooked up with Eat Well Tasmania for the spring launch of their What’s In Season campaign. Extolling the virtues of eating fresh, seasonal, local produce, it is hard to imagine a more synergistic community partnership for Harvest. Come and check out the live demo and conversation with our amazing producers, smack bang in the Market this Saturday. It promises to be a time!

We’re also extending a big ol’ Harvest shout out to Walking Wild Tasmania, who will be on hand to promote their upcoming show Do You Know Tasmania.

Spring is such an important time for our bees, who are out working hard to make sure our summer fruit crop is bountiful. Our honey West-Bee Honey and Honey Tasmania are such legends and our bees need your support, so stockpile that sweet liquid gold! We also consider olive oil to be liquid gold, albeit green gold. The groves of Lentara, Village and Coronea have each had much acclaim of late, get on down, have a taste and see why.

On the SOMA stage for your listening pleasure, we have Laura Bye and Willy post and his mad accordion skills. Both are sure to nice up the Saturday vibes.

Our Harvesting crew this week comprises

41 Degrees South  
A Pinch of Tasmania
Afghani Bolani
All Things Cherry
Bruny Island Oysters
Coronea Grove
Delicious Little Things
Della Vale Gelato
Eat Well Tas & Chef Rhys Hannan – Live Cooking
Elgaar Farm The Grain Family
George Town Seafoods
Hazelbrae Hazelnuts
Headlam Farm Asparagus
Hillwood Fresh Food Co
Honey Tas
La Cantara Artisan Cheese
Laos Fresh Farm
Lentara Grove
Lily Farm
Meat Bread Cheese
Metcalf Distillery
Mount Gnomon Farm
Mr B & T Mushroom Garden & Eden Garden Microfarm
New Norfolk Distillery
Oldway Farm
One of the Slide
Our Patch Pet Food
Pauls Hot Sauce
Plants Direct
Provenance Coffee
Real Beef
Red Cow Organics
Ritual Coffee
Sandy’s Sourdough
Seoul Food
Seven Sheds
Sheffield Berry Gardens
Southern Sky Cheese 
Steve’s Vegies
Sweet Wheat
Tamar Valley Pastured Eggs
Tas Juice Press
Tas Natural Garlic & Tomatoes
Taste of Tam O’Shanter 
The Green Flower Farm
Thirlstane Gardens
Three Peaks Organics  
Village Olive Grove
West Bee Honey
West Tamar Fungi
Windara Orchard
Harvest Stallholders A to Z. 9 October, 2021

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