A Sourdough Recipe from Apiece

If you’ve been thinking of having a crack at the perfect sourdough, then this is the recipe you’ve been waiting for!  The team at Apiece have shared their sourdough recipe with us for this week’s featured recipe: The following recipe yields a rustic, mild-flavoured sourdough loaf that can be made with minimal fuss. The starter… Read more

Chris’ Fish with Greek Salad

The secret ingredient to a perfect fresh piece of fish is a Greek salad, but not just any Greek salad. Chris Doumouras of George Town Seafoods explains that there are two types of fish, firm and soft. Soft textured fish is sensitive to handling and can fall apart but responds beautifully to a dusting of… Read more

Duck Liver Pâté

This weekend we have Strelleyfield at the market with their free-range ducks as well of plenty of duck livers.  If you’ve never tried making pate, it’s actually not difficult at all and like most things, the taste of homemade is in a whole new league! INGREDIENTS  Pate 200 gm butter, coarsely chopped – Tasmanian Butter… Read more

basil pesto

Easy and Delicious Basil Pesto

Never have there been truer words spoken than “fresh is best” when if comes to basil pesto, and it doesn’t come much fresher than the beautiful basil from Thirlstane Gardens at this time of the year. This simple recipe is perfect for a share platter with crackers, to add a hit of flavour to a sandwich,… Read more

Raelene’s Pavlova with a Christmas twist

For Christmas and summer deliciousness, Raelene Bates of Delicious Little Things Delicious Little Things returns to tradition and re-imagines her mothers Pavlova recipe. It is the perfect way to use up egg whites left over from making custard for the Christmas pudding. Ingredients: 200 gram egg whites (about 7 eggs) from Mt Roland Free Range 400… Read more

Tessa’s Panzanella

Panzanella a classic combination of tomato, bread, EVOO and basil.   Ingredients: 300g stale loaf of bread torn into pieces (Apiece, Manubread, Sandy’s Sourdough) 700g ripe mixed tomatoes, roughly chopped (Tamar Valley Hydroponics, Tasmanian Natural Garlic & Tomatoes) Sea salt (Tasman Sea Salt) Freshly ground black pepper 3 Red capsicums (Tamar Valley Hydroponics) Small red onion, peeled… Read more

Very Berry Harvest Ice Cream

For the ice cream base: (Makes about 1 L) I cup cream (Elgaar Organic Farm) 2 cups milk (Elgaar Organic Farm) 2/3 cup raw sugar 4 egg yolks (Mt Roland Free Range Eggs)   Heat cream and milk until warm and bubbles form around the edge (170), stirring occasionally to ensure a skin does not… Read more