Launceston Human Library Visit – February 16, 2019

This Saturday we welcome back Tamar Artisan Smallgoods with their dry cured bacon smoked with fruit tree logs and infused with flavours such as chilli, maple and garlic.  Avocado Moon also returns with her Kombucha along with Village Olive Grove, the Tasmanian Butter Co, Lily Farm, Della Valle and Wanderlust

The Launceston Human Library is a volunteer organisation that aims to counteract prejudice by enabling people to meet and chat with people they would not normally encounter. This Saturday there will be the opportunity to meet some of their Human Books in short one on one conversations where they share a wide range of life experiences. Please bowl right up and talk to these Books – they are real people waiting to get into conversation and share their stories!


Some of the titles visiting Harvest on February 16….

  • DISABILITY CAN’T STOP ME – I am able to live independently, partly because my parents never gave up on me.
  • TASMANIA – MY NEW HOME – from Afghanistan to Iran and now Tasmania
  • LIVING WITH A GUIDE DOG – Since my new friend’s arrival, my daily life has changed for the best. Of course, it has come with a surprise or two…
  • THE CHALLENGE OF LIFE IN A WHEELCHAIR – How a spinal trauma changed my life overnight
  • LIVING WITH APARTHEID – have you ever wondered what it was like?… I lived in South Africa during the apartheid era. I had a first hand experience of apartheid
  • MAKING AUSTRALIA MY NEW HOME – I came from Germany to Australia in 1952, to work on the Trevallyn Hydro scheme, and later worked as an Ansett employee. I have had varied life experiences.
  • OVERCOMING RACISM AND PREJUDICE – a life experience.
  • MIGRATING FROM AFGHANISTAN: making a life ……
  • CLIMBING MOUNT KILIMANJARO, 1969 – Both a physical and a cultural adventure!

Join us on Saturday!

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