All Things Cherry – Rowella

Paul, Regine, Herleen, and Diamond from All Things Cherry are proud to be able to bring to you all the health benefits as well as the wonderful flavour of cherries all year round:  classified as a superfood and are also an anti-inflammatory. Some of our products available each week include but not limited to are cherry… Read more

Avoland Avocados

Avoland Avocados Avoland Avocados is owned and operated by Paul & Maria Bidwell who planted the first Hass Avocados in Tasmania in 2010. Avoland is a 3 Ha Avocado orchard located in the Central Coast on the fabulous deep rich red volcanic soils of the North West. Paul & Maria have been growing Avos for… Read more

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Bridgenorth Berries

We are a local, family-owned berry farm in the Launceston area. We grow raspberries, thornless blackberries and other seasonal berries. We sell our fresh berries at farmers’ markets, such as Harvest Launceston, as well as providing fresh and frozen berries at our shed door along with a fun ‘pick your own’ opportunity for the whole… Read more

Coal River Farm

This stallholder is at Harvest this week.

Ferniehurst Cherries

Our cherries are grown on the slopes of Brown Mountain in the Coal River Valley in South East Tasmania. We are a 45 minute drive from Hobart, but because our orchards are in an isolated position we do not offer a come and pick yourself option. However, we certainly can arrange to have cherries ready… Read more

Laos Fresh Farm

Laos Fresh Farm is based in Wesley Vale Devonport and offers fresh seasonal home grown vegetables.  We grow a variety of vegetables ranging from broccoli to Asian vegetables and many types of herbs. We always try to offer new produce each year.  We look forward to seeing you at Harvest market as our customers mean… Read more

This stallholder is at Harvest this week.

Lees Orchard

Lees Orchard is situated 10 minutes out of Launceston in the Tamar Valley at Dilston. We purchased the property from the previous owners 8 years ago. We replanted a lot of the trees to the new style of planting, which gives more tonnage to the hectare. We grow roughly 600 x 380kg bins of apples… Read more

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Penna Valley Farm

A family owned farm, (5th generation of primary producers), nestled in fertile river flats between Orielton Lagoon & historic Richmond, Penna Valley Farm has been producing top quality Spray-Free Apricots for the past 15 years. We have diversified, now growing 12 different varieties of fresh apricot, each with its own personality. As the season progresses… Read more

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Richmond Cherries

We are a family run fruit farm near the historic Tasmanian village of Richmond. We grow more than 9 different varieties of cherries, including red, white, sweet, and tart. We also grow strawberries, loganberries, raspberries, blackberries, boysenberries, pears, red and black currants and peonies. Contact:  

Seven Springs Farm

Seven Springs Farm is situated in Lorinna, one of the most pristine areas of farmland in the world. Lorinna is located in the upper Forth River valley, Tasmania, on the outskirts of the Cradle Mountain Lake- St. Clair National Park and World Heritage Area. It is a small mountain community, off the power grid and isolated… Read more

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Sheffield Berry Gardens

We at Sheffield Berry Gardens endeavour to produce high quality berries (Strawberries, Raspberries, Blueberries & Blackberries) in commercial quantities.  We also grow Youngberries, Blackcurrants & Redcurrants in smaller quantities.  We are trying Gooseberries and Kiwi Fruit and Yellow Raspberries with a view to expand successfully. Our aim is to directly market as much of our… Read more

Three Peaks Organics

Three Peaks Organics grow organic blueberries in Holwell, Tasmania. The farm wasn’t using chemicals, sprays or fertilisers, so it seemed like a natural progression for them to become organic, achieving certified organic status late in 2015. Three Peaks Organics base their growing principles around taste rather than yields. They are currently updating their brand and… Read more

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Westerway Raspberry Farm

My parents, Robert and Sandra, first planted mechanically harvestable blackcurrants and raspberries on our farm in the early 1990s. From humble beginnings, our berry business has grown from a solitary picker to employing over 120 staff during the peak season and supplying over 100 customers nationally. We are a family business. All the family –… Read more

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Windara Orchard

Windara Orchard is situated at 15 Spring Hill Rd, Sidmouth on the corner of West Tamar Highway. We are on the Tamar Valley wine route. We operate a roadside stall selling top quality apples and pears. We have 20 varieties of apples including some of the older types such as Cox, Gravenstien, Jonathon, Abba, Alexander,… Read more

This stallholder is at Harvest this week.