Avocado Moon

Avocado Moon is Tasmania’s first kombucha brewer and we are here to bring you the highest quality, locally sourced, artisanal kombucha around. Looking to the seasons and farmers for inspiration, we aim to bring you something a little different and entirely Tassie. With brews such as: Lemon Myrtle, Blackberry Ginger, Strawberry Basil and Lavender Thyme,… Read more


Homemade kimchi with the freshest resources – we bring you an explosive bottle of healthy goodness & flavour. Each bottle made with love from Tasmania! Contact: www.kimchime.com.au, Facebook or email kimchimecontact@gmail.com

This stallholder is at Harvest this week.

Shima Wasabi

We take advantage of Tasmania’s cold, pure conditions as the perfect environment for growing such a rare and valuable spice. Wasabi is incredibly difficult to grow, but we’ve been perfecting our practices for over 12 years and now offer the finest Wasabi produced in the Southern Hemisphere, to rival the best you’d find in Japan.… Read more

Three Fermented Queens

We are Three Fermented Queens……three women who share a love of fermented food. Second generation best friends (our mothers were best friends), Sonya and Leanne have teamed up with Leanne’s teenage daughter Faith to create raw, vegan, and living food and beverage products. At Three Fermented Queens we source local produce and then naturally ferment… Read more

Wild Spore

Tasmanian specialty mushrooms organically grown in recycled coffee grounds sourced from cafe’s around Launceston. Contact: lee@wildspore.com.au, www.wildspore.com.au