A coffee journey

Ever pondered the name of the farmer who grew the beans used in your favourite coffee brew? The team at the latest addition to the Harvest Launceston Farmers’ Market community, Provenance Coffee Co., know the precise origin of the beans, and their route from the farmgate to their roastery where the beans are roasted to showcase their unique aroma and characteristics.

The Provenance Coffee Co. takes your basic cup of dark liquid and turns it into much more than a simple beverage made from infusing the seeds of the coffee plant in hot water.

Based in Launceston and headed by Jesse Campling, a small team of passionate coffee devotees are making you the finest cup of coffee possible. The ethos of this young team is encapsulated in their name. Provenance is all about place of origin and history of ownership. It is about knowing where a product comes from, who made or grew it and the route it takes to reach you.

It all starts with the farmer, the cherry or coffee fruit from which the beans are harvested and processed on small-lot coffee co-operatives. By seeking to develop long-term relationships with coffee farmers and local communities in regions like Colombia, Provenance Coffee can ensure that they are sourcing ethical coffee of a high standard and contribute to the sustainable practices of micro-lot farms. As Jesse explains, “By guaranteeing ongoing business and a high-end price for exceptional coffee, partnerships are established that ensure farmers get repeat business each harvest, in exchange for better practices and in turn better beans, making the farmer’s labour of love more sustainable.”

When the green beans arrive at the roastery in Launceston, each single origin crop is roasted to reflect the different localities, qualities and seasons so that ultimately each week your distinctive cup of coffee is a journey from farmer to you. Knowing how, who and where the beans were farmed informs the specific roasting recipes and identifies profiles to suit the different brewing methods, from an espresso to a manual brew such as a pour over filter brew to a French press or plunger.

Jesse speaks with passion about the commitment of his team to making the coffee the best it can be while at the same time ensuring that the production of the coffee, from the farmers to the roasted beans that are ultimately infused in hot water, reflects the diversity of coffee farming around the world. This Saturday at the Harvest Launceston Community Farmers’ Market, Provenance launches the coffee cylinder, an effective way to make sure that you can take some of their unique coffee home with you.

To find out more about them and their coffee, how best to brew it and store it, visit the team at: www.provenancecoffee.com.au, or on Instagram or Facebook (@provenancecoffee).