A Fling of Ducks at Strelleyfield

ducks at Strelleyfield Tasmania

Local poultry farmer Matthew Crane of Strelleyfield Free Range Ducks likes to keep his fling happy and on the move allowing them time to forage on diverse Tasmanian pastures for grasses, clovers, molluscs, and insects.

At Strelleyfield Farm outside Launceston, Matt has spent the past few years building up his fling of ducklings in a way which respects both the animal and the land on which they are raised.

“Our ethos is built upon a long-held passion for animal welfare. This means slower growing strains of bird raised in small flocks with portable shelters, allowing access to sunlight, fresh pasture, and lots of space for natural social interaction.”

Strelleyfield Farm will be at the Harvest Launceston Community Farmers’ Market this Saturday for their monthly visit. Keep an eye out for the recipe this week supplied by Matt and visit him at his stall for any further tips.

After working in the poultry industry on the mainland he noticed a gap on the menu for pasture fed duck. He and his family moved to Tasmania and while working part-time he established Strelleyfield Farm near Evandale.

Matt enjoys spending time with his flock of pekin and muscovy ducks giving them the opportunity to experience the sunshine and open air. Portable shelters for housing, feed and water move around the paddocks with the ducks allowing them to have access to new pasture and creating an opportunity for the land to replenish.

Custom grown antibiotic-free grain has been developed by Matt for his flock. This high-quality nutritious mash is supplemented by the free range fossicking by the ducks. This is one of the reasons why the duck tastes so good.

Matt says the Tasmanian climate is ideal for raising free range ducks due to its cool summers and reliable (incessant!) winds, which provide natural ventilation. He acknowledges that ducks can be a bit messy but he emphasises that animal welfare and respect for the land on which they live is at the forefront of everything he does on the farm.

For Matt, it is all about making sure his flock enjoy a longer, slower life, with less stress than industrial-farmed birds.

We hope that the care and effort invested in our flocks can be tasted in the vividly flavoursome meats we produce, and that they will bring your favourite recipes to life.

The Harvest Launceston Community Farmers’ Market is at the Cimitiere/Cameron streets car parks from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm each Saturday. For more information visit the Harvest Launceston website at: https://harvestmarket.org.au

Or Strelleyfield Farm at: https://www.strelleyfield.com.au