Meet Chris and Caro Brown

Chris and Caro Brown have been braving the early morning chill and the burning midday sun almost since inception of the Harvest Launceston Community Farmers’ Market. Apart from being regular volunteers on both the set-up and pack-down crews, Chris is an essential member of the infrastructure team. The tables and chairs that are used each week by the public have seen the expert hand of Chris, who has not only been part of the groups that initially made the chairs and tables but is regularly called upon to fix and mend them to ensure that they stay in good condition.

Why do they do it?

“We have always volunteered in the community. We love the connection to food and beverages and farming/small landholders. Being a volunteer is such as great way to meet new people in the community. This is what keeps us volunteering – the fun and helping make the market a great place.”

Apart from their full-time jobs, Caro and Chris are also Harvest stallholders, producing sparkling Tasmanian cider that is the perfect bottle of bubbly to end a perfect day being part of the market community.