Producer Profile: Banticks Farm

Banticks Farm is a family-run pasture free range egg producer in the southern midlands. Jeremy says: “Our hens range on our pastures, they dust bathe, scratch in the paddocks as they please and lay their eggs in our mobile chook houses. We don’t use artificial lights or heaters in our houses, our hens lay when they want. We grade pack and deliver our farm fresh eggs with every part of the process being by hand. Our eggs are full of flavour and colour and come in various sizes in your carton. This sets as apart from other producers as we believe a true free range egg should be just the way the hen lays. We have been busy on the farm we recently welcomed some new hens and Banticks Farm has won silver for our farm fresh free range eggs in this years Royal Hobart fine food awards 2019 . We will be celebrating our 4th year in September!”