Producer Profile – Tamar Valley Pastured Eggs

Tamar Valley Pastured Eggs are an exciting new addition to the Harvest Market stallholder family, offering delicious free-range eggs direct from the farm to you. Their chooks roam around fresh Tamar Valley pastures and roost in purpose-built chook caravans that are moved regularly to fresh fields….life for these chooks is a perpetual holiday.

Tamar Valley Pastured Eggs have a number of flocks. These flocks range in size of 100-120 individual chickens of mixed breeds. The chickens have ample space for their natural behaviours. The stocking rate equates to 950 chickens per hectare. This is a far lower stocking density than 10,000 chickens per hectare currently allowed for free range certification.

Stocking density is not the only factor differentiating Tamar Valley Pastured Eggs from other “free-range” eggs. Many high-density free-range farms house their chickens in fixed sheds. This results in the chickens’ access to quality outdoor areas with pasture diminishing over time. Furthermore, the chickens can be discouraged from going outside because food and water is only offered inside the sheds – hence, they spend most of their time indoors.

The chooks at Tamar Valley Pastured Eggs are free to catch bugs, scratch for grubs and indulge in dust baths at their leisure. Their caravans are set up so the eggs they lay roll away from the nesting boxes, ensuring they are clean of dirt and chicken poo. This means that Tamar Valley Pastured Eggs are not required to wash the eggs.

Queenslanders seeking a tree change started Tamar Valley Pastured Eggs in 2017. They are a family run business. All family members are equally responsible for all farm operations. Their philosophy is based on principles of sustainable farming. They use methods of regularly rotating their chickens for healthy chickens and eggs as well as to regenerate pasture and minimise the need for harsh chemicals. Their approach to farming delivers a quality product and ensures the farm has a positive impact on the pasture. Once the chickens work over an area of the paddock they are moved to a new area. The chicken manure regenerates the paddocks and removes weeds and pests.

Tamar Valley Pastured Eggs will be at the Harvest Markets on a fortnightly basis. You can find out more about Tamar Valley Pastured Eggs at or on Tamar Valley Pastured Eggs Facebook page