Remembering Kaori Suto from Old School Farm

Kaori Old School Farm

The Harvest Launceston Community Farmers’ Market this week pays tribute to Kaori Suto, who was the creative flair that made the Old School Farm stall the best dressed at the market.  Kaori sadly lost her battle with breast cancer last week.


Kaori will be remembered by the Harvest community for the quiet way she had of making everyone take notice of the overflowing tables of an incredible bounty of produce from Old School Farm. Edible bouquets beckoned, stalks of brussels sprouts demanded attention and garlic wreaths reflected the harmony she created with the diverse variety of vegetables that told of her quest for exploring the old that she made new again.


The market garden was situated at the Old Preston Primary School site in the hills inland from Ulverstone, in the North West of Tasmania. Kaori, together with David Henderson and a group of friends were passionate about fresh, sustainable, local food and ran the farm using biological farming practices, focusing on soil and microbial health.


Starting with a tiny patch, they embraced the increasing demand for good quality local food with enthusiasm and creativity. A visit to their stall at Harvest Launceston guaranteed an encounter with a diverse variety and colour palette of vegetables that you might not have seen before, from burdock to kohl rabi. Kaori was always experimenting with new (or old) vegetables and loved listening to the stories from older patrons who are delighted to see old fashioned vegetables coming back into fashion, from gooseberries to scarlet runner beans.


Thank you Kaori for your energy, enthusiasm and dedication to creating a market garden stall that has been a stalwart of the Harvest family, your stall was often the photographic centerpiece of stories and posts about the farmers’ market and always an essential ingredient to the reputation of the market as an iconic beacon for local sustainable incredible food.


Farewell Kaori we will miss you.


A gathering to celebrate her life will be held on Tuesday at Mount Gnomon Farm from 11-1pm.


A garlic wreath made by Kaori – Christmas 2018