Summer volunteers

Over summer the Harvest Launceston Community Farmers’ Market volunteer corps is still crucial to the ongoing running of the weekly event.  As some regulars take time off, visitors and family members have quickly stepped up to boost volunteer numbers.  Thank you to all the extras from far and wide who have assisted over the summer holidays.

Regular stallholders, cider producers and crucial Harvest Launceston volunteers Chris and Caro Brown are just two of the many valuable members of the community.  Each week they have not only set up their stall, but then joined the volunteer team for set up and pack down again at the end of the market day.

Sam Bailey is a recent member of the Harvest volunteer team and has been volunteering for about four months.  She says, “I love this market and want to see it succeed. It is great to see such a genuine undertaking going from strength to strength.”

In her ‘day job’ Sam is a health and safety officer and she and her partner also hope one day to become stallholders as they continue to refine the art of making traditional dry cured bacon. Sam is a dab hand at both set up and at the end of the day when everything is taken back down again and returned to the container until the next week when the volunteers crews again join the Harvest community to ensure the ongoing success of the market.

Sam remarks that she loves the market and wants to see more farmers’ markets. “Tasmania is poised to be the next big gourmet destination (think Barossa Valley but nicer – wink!),” and is making sure that she can be part of it.  She adds a big thank you to all the committed Harvest people who have assisted with meeting the rules, regulations and “all the boring leg work with forms and permits so that we can all enjoy this weekly event”.

An extra big thank you to those volunteers who have continued to be at the market each Saturday, in particular Babs, Dee, Rebekah, Karla, George, Jomeh and Joeby whose commitment is invaluable.  They have been up early to assist in setting up the market, have operated the Harvest information stall, volunteered at the gates and stayed on to pack away all the public seating, signage and marquees in the midday heat.

Without these men and women, the Harvest Launceston Community Farmers’ Market would struggle to be the amazing and welcoming place it is. Take a look at our web page to learn more about our volunteer team and how you can become involved with the Harvest Launceston community.