The Launceston Players Visit Harvest

“Big Brother” will be at the Harvest Launceston Community Farmers’ Market this week with the Launceston Players, who this year bring to the local stage the dystopian George Orwell novel 1984.

In today’s world where algorithms track our wanderings across the world wide web of the internet to deliver targeted advertising/information to our electronic devices, it can feel a bit like we are living in an Orwellian 1984. The omnipresence of social media and its insatiable collection of everyone’s data, fake news/newspeak transforming media norms, conversations and the pursuit of knowledge defined by Siri or Alexa recommendations could be todays epitome of Oceania.

The Launceston Players are this year bringing to the local stage George Orwell’s vision of a future, where invasive governments keep a malevolently watchful eye on its citizens and is as relevant now as ever as some version of “Big Brother” it seems, is always watching.

The novel, published on the 8th June 1949, opens with “It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen …” The novel explores how Comrade 6079, Winston Smith thinks a thought, starts a diary and falls in love and lived a world that was gripped by fear, where hatred was fermented and organised, conformity a way of survival in a state of ceaseless war. Truth was subverted so that “two plus two equals five”.

1984, directed by Megan Jolly will be playing at the Earl Street Art Centre from 17th May to 25th May. Adapted for the stage by Mathew Dunster, this epic tale has become an international hit with theatre goers.


One of the oldest community theatre groups in the country, the Launceston Players was formed in 1926 and today continues to strive for excellence in local theatre. This Saturday the Players will at the market to introduce their latest work. Megan Jolly brought us One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest last year which received 8 nominations for the 2018 Theatre Council of Tasmania’s award night.

The Launceston Players encourages and supports local talent in writing, performing and directing throughout the year. And it is not all about treading the boards, the Players are always eager to welcome a diverse range of skills from building, painting, sewing and admin, to acting or being part of the backstage crew during productions. Come down to the market this Saturday and have a chat.

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