Volunteers Make Harvest Happen

It is Harvest Volunteer Aprons galore at Harvest Launceston Community Farmers’ Market this month as we all say a very big thank you to all our volunteers and celebrate National Volunteer Week.

It is the signature Harvest apron that identifies Harvest volunteers so please take some time to stop and express your gratitude to them for giving up a couple of hours of their Saturdays to make our community a better place. The theme for National Volunteer Week from 20-26 May 2019 is Making a World of Difference!

At the gates our aproned volunteers welcome market goers. The Harvest stall is often a first stop and the men and women in their aprons can provide information about which stallholders are at the market and where they can be found, for helping visitors to the State with their knowledge and enthusiasm about what to do and where to go.

Harvest volunteers are the backbone of the market each week and their contribution ensures the ongoing viability of Harvest Launceston. So say a big thank you to the early morning volunteers who transform an asphalt car park into a vibrant community hub, assembling the marquees, setting up the, seating, children’s play equipment and putting out the signs and heaters in winter.

Thank you also to the Ritual Coffee and Provenance Coffee teams who supply each of our volunteers with a coffee each week to thank them for their time.

Then as the bell goes at the end of the market day, it is our volunteers who have returned to take down the marquees, pack away the chairs, tables, signs and rubbish bins as the market disappears and the site is returned again to a parking lot.

Established in 1989, National Volunteer Week celebrates more than 6 million volunteers in Australia by highlighting their role in our community and how volunteering generates happiness.

Research shows that volunteers do not only give happiness, but are much happier as a result. They sleep better and are healthier, physically and mentally. According to Volunteer Australia volunteers contribute $200 billion to the Australian economy annually. Since 1995 the number of volunteers in Australia has doubled from 3.2 million to 6.1 million in 2010. Further younger people are increasingly becoming involved in volunteering. Just a few hours of volunteering alters happiness and mood as volunteers benefit from a “helper’s high”, a powerful physical and emotional feeling experienced when directly helping others.

Of the 600,000 not-for-profit organisations in Australia only 60,000 have paid staff.  The Harvest Launceston Community Farmers’ Market is a not-for profit that is driven by volunteers, its committee members and support teams that make the market one of the happiest places to be on a Saturday morning.

To share in all this happiness please consider giving up 1-2 hours every now and again on a Saturday morning and joining our volunteer community.

Sign up online at https://harvestmarket.org.au/volunteer or contact Caroline at info@harvestmarket.org.au to find out more.